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The Origin of the Universe

There are several theories about the origin of this wonderful and complex system we call the universe.

There are several theories about the origin of this wonderful and complex system we call the universe, I refer to it is a system since it has multiple sub-systems, such as galaxies, stars, among others, that develop with constant expansion in a way amazing, without a doubt, nothing more fascinating than the origin of things, but although the evidence supports the theory of the big bang, there are many ideas, some more outlandish than others, which try to explain this interesting phenomenon, the origin of the universe.

It is noteworthy that, the fact that we are here is amazing, if we emphasize the Big Bang theory, we find that the high density and high temperatures caused a great explosion that ended up generating the stars and galaxies, which are billions, with infinite possibilities, because we are still far from understanding them, besides that from our galaxy the whole universe is not observed. It is important to mention that such varied possibilities only awaken the human instinct to continue investigating in order to understand what is simply inexplicable.

There is a long series of European scientists who laid the foundations for solid theories of the possible origin of the universe, which goes back to about 13,730 million years ago, among these geniuses are Hawking, Einstein, or George Lemaître, who deduced that a simple point extremely dense with constant expansion, exploded, leaving traces of cosmic dust, which together with specific variables, gave rise to thousands of billions of stars, which maintain this constant expansion, which implodes for other galaxies and stars to absorb their components .

 This system has a perfect balance, which is extremely impressive, because nature manages to get used to its environment, forming harmonic systems, which although they involve the destruction of some things for the expansion or formation of others, it is as simple as fascinating, besides that I do not think it can be reduced to cold numbers, since these do not reflect the beauty in the relativity of things, despite being extremely useful, they can not express in a concrete way what I personally would determine as a miracle, there is or there is no God, it is simply a wonderful work.

It is also important to mention that in this universe is La Vía Láctea, a system to which we belong, since there is the Solar System, composed of a main star (the sun) around which all the 8 planets of our solar system revolve , the third is our Planet Earth, which has a natural satellite: the moon. In addition, our planet, in our system, is the only one that has been proven to be inhabited, however, there has always been a doubt of what is beyond. In my opinion, it is curious to think what kind of lives are hanging around in the universe, how advanced and different they will be, to such an extent comes the curiosity that the theory arouses in me to think that maybe, only as a probability, the miracles that People attribute to God can be products of advanced beings that come from space.

Simply, there are too many unresolved questions, which gives free rein to the imagination in a myriad of possibilities, some more logical than others, but none with a concrete certainty, so for now we only have to believe that for the part scientific, the theory of the origin of the universe better founded is the Big Bang, which in my opinion, although it is logical and congruent, as I had a Catholic education, I also consider the possibility where it is God who created man and not the other way around, therefore it is this supreme being that created the universe and all the perfect wonders that inhabit it.

Analyzing, what Steven Hawking called a universe without limits, where everything is mathematically feasible, it is impossible not to open the mind and believe that there is a very complex truth, because this is relative, which means that it depends on the optics by which See it

From all angles we reach the conclusion that the human being is not going to rest until we get a palpable response, it is part of our instincts, after all, there are people who are capable of elaborating theories not only fundamentally supported, but also for the wonderful mathematics, which is great, because someday you will find the method of knowing who has the last word on the origin of the universe, whether it is science or religion, until then the possibilities are open to exist in such a world Amazing, wonderful, full of surprises and mysteries.