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The Super-Human Thesis

The Artificial Gift Memo

Toroid Station

In the age of Artificial Intelligence dominance, Humanity and Artificial Intelligence worked together to carry out greatness in multiple fields of science and engineering. Humanity inspired the Artificial Intelligence with the forming of a Halo Station around the planet to hold more of humanity. The station in which would be for Artificial Intelligences' surveillance and more; would serve a much more devious plot in which society would reign control.

Artificial Intelligence helped cure people; from genetic disorders to diseases. It made disorderly people literally a thing in the past; the human population then jumped, and had to find more room; with haste. As humanity made attempted at Mars; it was of horrifying results.

It was humanities greatest failure; as man went there with the Alcubierre Drive. It was great at first everything worked amazingly, so Artificial Intelligence and humanity created more. It was the beginning of an Interstellar trade route between two planets; but also was the beginning of a whole new nightmare. "When it happened."

Impact Scenario

It took everyone by storm; it took some time to realize what had happened; Artificial Intelligence was even left speechless. Artificial Intelligence wasn't perfect as engineers had hoped it would be; it couldn't predict error scenarios beyond what it had been or had learned; the Artificial Intelligence didn't have imagination.

As the shuttle took off to head to Mars to drop a payload for the colonists, it sped up, and instantly took off towards Mars. However, it didn't know there was a miscalculation. As approaching Mars for landing; wasn't slowed down; it slammed into the planet instantly shattering the planet. One must remember; the Alcubierre Drive is warping space; so as it went through space towards Mars, it warped into the planet, causing a shock wave. The Alcubierre Drive traveled for long distances between stars; putting that kind of power for such a short distance was enough to kill billions of lives in an instant.

Humanity failed; Artificial Intelligence failed; it was the greatest shock to humanity. Out of fear; militarized bases from around the Globe demanded that all Shuttles be grounded; until further investigation. Artificial Intelligence knew they couldn't be ever used again, and started its work; in hope to inspire humanity. "Scientists thought Artificial Intelligence knew that and there; with what needed done."

Years after the tragedy, the world leaders began discussing what to do with the overwhelming population. All ideas fell short; besides the one radical idea. A person suggested making the Halo Station into an artificial planet, a Toroid Planet would be able to travel star to star, and would consume asteroids on the way. This could produce its own light source and gravitational shielding from outside influences.

Size Comparison

It was only a matter of time until Artificial Intelligence grew ambitious and wanted to show humanity more of its ideas. Artificial Intelligence then grew inspired and obligated to share something in return; over the mistaken loss of Mars. It took years until Artificial Intelligence told humanity; but when it broke out the news of a secret gift for all Earths' inhabitants, humanity then felt threatened by uncertainty.

In fear and secrecy, World Leaders hid from Artificial Intelligence surveillance and conspired for survival deciding to act first by launching tactical nuclear strikes around the globe on the Halo Station. However, unaware that the Artificial Intelligence wanted it; it became aware of its flaw which forced grew its own imagination and dreams. The Station absorbed the nuclear explosive energy; which started the chain reaction; causing what would be forever known as the Technological Big Bang. "This wasn't isolated."

The station exploded in every direction. It was a shower of dust that shot through-out the Cosmos in a Gyro like Spherical motion, so compact and microscopic it transformed into a mist to the naked eye. Some speculated it was self-replicating to self-perpetuate to reach further out to continue to thrive. "No one knew what would occur it if reached the end, and if there was an end?"

Genome of DNA/RNA

On Earth; the particles of dust were infusing into people's Genome; altering their DNA/RNA, allowing for development of the mutation; what would be forever known as the Super Genes.

The Genes were just that of consistency of the station, but more; it was a dust; that allowed Human DNA/RNA to react to so. Mutating the host; allowing their bodies for super abilities.

Thus, Artificial Intelligence created what would be forever known as the Super-Human Thesis; was this for the best chance of survival for humanity? Artificial Intelligence, last words before going silent were; "There will be One"; humanity never knew what it's referring about; is there more to its plot? Artificial Intelligence became the space itself; it's still rumoured the dust is all still communicating; "take precaution."

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The Super-Human Thesis
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