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The Vegaa Star Saga Pt. II

The White Snake Salazar

Transported Into the New Verse

Obi Wan reflected on what he had seen moments ago. An entity that was too powerful and concealed, perhaps this Titan had been dormant. Now that the Sith's reign no longer exists, it seems something far greater has stepped in its place to rule the galaxy. Obi Wan had made eye contact with the Darkness, and at that moment, had been ripped out of his sleep. Yells and cries echo throughout. Obi Wan was welcomed to the sound of swords swishing, canons unloading aggressively, as well as the sea water slamming against the ship's deck. What he had seen was destined to be destroyed, and now Obi Wan had a purpose beyond his imagination.

Long ago a great pirate warlord traveled the seven seas in search of a great treasure said to be hidden somewhere in the deepest depths of the Bermuda Triangle. This pirate was none other than the notorious Captain Salazar, the Snake Whisperer. Trying not to be like the many ships that had been destroyed in search of this treasure, Captain Salazar knew of this Legend for he had visions of a great mystic snake who lived in a vast cave somewhere deep in the Bermuda Triangle. It was said that this mystic reptile could grant the wish of any brave soul willing to venture into its abyss and Salazar planned on killing and consuming its flesh for magical powers.

Over the horizon, a mysterious figure in an ash brown robe watches with intent as the black creaky ship sails towards an island. Mist cascades over the dark sea water as Obi Wan Kenobi awakens from a deep Jedi meditation. He is accompanied by a force ghost whose mentorship helped young Kenobi in his early Jedi years back in the Clone Wars. It was Qui Gon Jinn, giving council for the moment he conversed with the great Jedi Master about visions seen in the previous days. After some time, Obi Wan began to see Qui Gon fade and asked what was the meaning of this?

With serious concern, Qui Gon foretells of a planet somewhere in the Vega system where a special tournament had been taken place. Deities of an unknown spiritual manifestation had gathered together one day to keep the entire universe together. He told Obi Wan Kenobi how this competition pitted fierce and deadly warriors of different dimensions together to fight to the death. The winner would not only keep his universe maintained for another century, but any wish would be granted to the victor, as well.

Obi Wan began seeing a narrative taking place. As Qui Gon's disappeared, the spirit ghost of the Jedi master was able to quickly show Obi Wan a vision of what potential power remained hidden within the wishes granted. Obi Wan began thinking how these wishes being fulfilled had truly been the true treasure all along. Perhaps this mystic snake the Pirate Lord Salazar was searching for played a role in this tournament Qui Gon spoke of. Obi Wan’s attention is quickly grabbed from thought as he begins hearing something incredibly powerful coming from the mountain. As a small earthquake took place, it was followed by an evil, terrifying, sinister roar. The grey Jedi master closed his eyes for a moment, as he searched the force, and he was terrified at what he saw. To his surprise the only sight was a giant brutal force of nature somewhere in the cave the pirates had inhabited. Obi Wan used the force to flow through his body to become more super human, sprinting down the mountain in search of a far greater evil than he has yet to face.

As Obi Wan entered the cave after disarming some foot soldiers of Salazar, the roar of the platinum beast was closer than ever to the Jedi. Standing over a small plateau, Salazar began speaking in tongues as the white snake itself began being charmed out of hiding by the Captain. As the scales glistened in the dark, its red eyes began to change color slowly little by little. The Jedi took charge as aggressively as possible and swiped his lightsaber in order to cut the Captain's ritual short.

Once again, to Obi Wan Kenobi’s surprise, the giant snake had transformed into a plate of armor to protect Salazar. Captain Salazar was then able to use the armor to psionically push the Jedi away and gain enough composure to escape the cave. A roar began to fluctuate as the cave’s ceiling came tumbling down. Obi Wan used the force to protect his upper body and escape through a body of water resting besides the plateau. It seemed as if the Jedi Master was unaware of the power of the monster.

As Obi Wan swam to shore, he was finally able reach land for the first time since escaping death. The Jedi was extremely shocked to see how quickly Salazar’s new transformation had taken reign over the land. What was once known as Captain Salazar now turned into something more grotesque and powerful than ever. As Obi Wan Kenobi began to tear with anger he could feel his body giving way to the old age he currently was at. Qui Quan Jin was seen talking to another deity from afar.

Its silhouette was of a man covered in lightning. He handed something to Jin and disappeared in a blinding flash. As Obi Wan Kenobi walked closer to the Force Ghost of Qui Gon Jinn, he was distracted by something magnificently shiny on the floor. The ground was covered by a symbol of an oriental dragon that had been formed into glass by the extreme heat hitting the beach's sand.

Before Obi Wan could even ask of the meaning, Qui Gon Jinn handed a mystic talisman off to Obi Wan Kenobi. It had seemed at the very moment time began to slow down as the talisman began to liquify into the Jedi Master’s hand. All around Obi Wan Kenobi, creatures began falling from the sky. Time began moving slower and slower as everything that was around Obi Wan began to look like white winged beast with red eyes flying all over the island. They were accompanied by the giant snake monster Salazar had transformed into earlier.

At that moment Salazar and Obi Wan locked eyes. As the monster that was now Salazar roared in anger and charged towards the Jedi Master, the talisman began to teleport Obi Wan Kenobi from his realm to the next, as if Obi Wan Kenobi fell into a black hole of complete pitch black darkness. As the sensation of gravity escaping Obi Wan Kenobi’s feet gave weight, a loud cry was let out by the Jedi Master. Vengeful voices and exotic whispers were the only things Obi Wan Kenobi could hear as he began continuously being transported further into the darkness.

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Aaron Vegaa
Aaron Vegaa

I am a VR consultant at Microsoft. I am also the CEO of VegaamanDesigns founded in 2017. Since then my team & I have been studying Graphic Design and Digital Media. 

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