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The Wicca Way

Why Wicca Is a Good and Safe Religion to Follow


When you hear the word Wicca, what is the first thing you think of? Witches riding on brooms, bubbling cauldrons, and ugly warts? Well, I’m here to tell you those are all lies made up by Hollywood to make witchcraft seem less magical and more evil. Witchcraft is manipulating energy and putting your intent out into the world, not evil hexes and ruining lives. Real witches, those who live in the modern world, follow the pagan religion Wicca. It’s peaceful and its unstructured rules ensure they can become their best selves without judgement or limits. It encourages individuality and love for all. It’s looked down on and people always misunderstand the goodness in Wiccans. If the world had a better grasp of the Wiccan principles, it would be a better place. Wicca should be a major religion because it helps the Earth, allows people to choose their path, and its only rule is to harm none.

Wiccan's connection with the Earth is integrated with their beliefs. No matter what path you choose, taking care of the Earth and giving back is essential, not only for spell work, but for a better and happier life as a Wiccan. The four elements air, water, earth, and fire are big parts of the Wiccan way and should be incorporated in spells for balance, usually by using a pentagram, which is a five-pointed star representing the elements. (The fifth element is Spirit, but most don’t incorporate it.) Spells for Wiccans are like praying but with added elements and are not always to a deity. Spells take preparation and need to have pure intentions behind them. The worship of a Mother Earth, on the other hand, is something most do to help add direction to their spells. To Wiccans, it’s important to maintain the Earth for good fortune, healthy crops, and herbs for spells. If Wicca had a bigger platform, the Earth wouldn’t be as devastated as it is now. Animals wouldn’t be hunted for sport and corporations wouldn’t be allowed to leak harmful chemicals into the Earth or air. Animals, for instance, are important to the balance of life. Killing for fun is not part of the circle of life and very much detested. Most Wiccans refuse to eat meat, but some think it’s part of the balance of nature as long as it’s done in a humane way. It’s all in the path they choose to follow and how they worship.

Wicca is a loose religion that is fairly new and has many paths. People are free to choose what parts they want to follow and incorporate into their craft. Wicca’s constructed for people to be their own personal best. It’s a way of life that centers on the belief all things are magical, and the power is within yourself. It’s all up to you to decide and figure out. There is no set structure or laws to follow. However, there are some guidelines when it comes to spell work, how to properly do certain things like drawing a circle or charging your crystals. There’s tons of information, but you get to choose what you do with it and what to incorporate in your craft. For example, there’s many ways to charge a crystal, such as putting them in filtered water overnight, setting them outside on a full moon, and cleansing them with sage smoke are a few, but you get to choose which to use. It’s all on how you best connect and understand it. Because of this, Wiccans are free to do as they want. It’s personal and only helps to strengthen and enrich your better self. The only rule Wiccans have maintains the balance so no one can abuse their power.

The Three-Fold Law is widely followed and is the basis of Wicca. The main point is as long as you harm no one, you can do as you please. If you do anything positive or negative, it’ll come to you three times over. It’s like karma but stronger and very dangerous. Those that use curses are usually very careful with not only their wording but their intent. The Wiccan community hugely frowns upon anyone that would try to do harm to others and in truth, if you do you’re not really a Wiccan. This religion is more a way of life and helping each other to achieve their better self. Knocking each other down will only push you backwards in your path. Imagine how good people would be if they followed the Wiccan way. Crime rates would go down and people would truly accept themselves as who they are. there would be no more hate or negativity due to it prohibiting advancement in the craft. That’s why the witches in movies are only met with more trouble and always fail in their endeavors.

The biggest misconception of Wiccans is that they worship the devil. I can understand where people might have gotten that idea due to the Salem Witch Trials, Hocus Pocus, and The Craft, the list is endless, but the truth is Satan is a Christian and Catholic construct. Wiccans do not believe in God and although they may believe in the God and the Goddess, their story is very different than that in the Bible. Some do chose to believe in both but it’s very rare and most likely is still protected by The Three-Fold Law. They cannot worship something they don’t believe in. It’s impossible to even try a spell to give your soul to the devil; such things aren’t part of Wicca and can’t be done no matter the path.

In conclusion, Wiccans are peace-loving, Earthly individuals that worship a loosely based religion that’s only purpose is to do good. If the world followed the Wiccan way, it would be a better healthier place. The terrible ways of our society would change to be a brighter happier place where people would help each other achieve their goals and have less negativity. Wicca is a real answer to many problems and should be a major religion for all to enjoy.