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UFO Hoax Jan 3, 2018, New Zealand

Is the whole UFO phenomenon a Hoax?

Photoshop image of a UFO

Newsweek posted an article yesterday saying there were three lights in a Triangle shape over New Zealand. A short time later the article was retracted because they claimed they could not verify the video (here). I found another link where the story appeared (here). I was later informed by someone on Twitter that the story was a hoax and had been published on July 4, 2011 (here).

The person on Twitter who informed me of this claimed the Twitter account that posted it was known for putting out false stories about UFOs. This is one of the many unfortunate problems of the ET and UFO phenomena. The term UFO has become so widely recognized that people can post just about anything they want and people will click on it. This allows people to make money because they are getting so many views on their site that they don't even care what they post they just want the revenue.

With the release of the F-18 UFO Intercept, mainstream media is starting to take the possibility of these types of stories a little more seriously. As you can see with what happened to Newsweek they bit on the story and then retracted it when they found out it was a hoax. Rather than sticking with the story and adding more content to explain how they discovered it was a hoax and trying to further elevate the awareness of extra terrestrial intelligence, and the possibility of extra terrestrial spacecraft they just bailed. This is what further adds fuel to the nonsense surrounding the ET and UFO phenomena.

When the average person who doesn't know what is going on sees things like this happen, they lose interest in trying to understand what is going on with the ET and UFO phenomena because it appears it is just a joke to even try to follow it.

The problem possibly stems back from the advent of the start of the era in the 1940's. After Kenneth Arnold and Roswell, Edward ruppelT at the behest of the Air Force coined the term UFO. The problem is the term UFO is worthless because of the possibility extra terrestrial spacecraft don't fly. Unfortunately, the whole ET and UFO phenomena has become so much like a circus show nothing can get accomplished.

Could this state of confusion really be clues revealing the possibility of subliminal dissemination and misdirection? Is it possible Hetlau are really running a hextocracy and a hextary? While Earthlings bounce around ET and UFO related stories like Area 51 and Janet flights, are the Hetlau who are possibly running the show from behind the scenes just sitting back laughing at the Earthlings?

There really isn't a lot an Earthling can do. You basically have three choices:

  1. Give up and just wait for disclosure
  2. Follow the group with conventional concepts
  3. Investigate the new trend
The first one is the easiest, and for busy people and people who don't care anyway, it makes sense.

The second one has you following groups like SETI hoping for the realization of radio signals from space will turn up something.

The third one requires you to realize there is a new civilian trend developing that says extra terrestrial spacecraft don't fly. The possibility that the Air Force won't come forward and update the term UFO after 70 years of denying every sighting is evidence something else might secretly be going on.

Rather than watch the government spend money on what might possibly lead to more nonsense like the latest Pentagon disclosure (here). You can start to follow articles about Intercepts and Sightings that may yield more cutting edge terminology and concepts like Tactical Vees.

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UFO Hoax Jan 3, 2018, New Zealand
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