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We Met at the Library

The Six Heroes

 Her fingers seemed to dance across the book as she scanned for one that sparked her interest. She smiled gently to herself as she slid out a book. She stared at the title; Legacy Of The Six Heroes.

Though she’d read the book multiple times, it never failed to fascinate her. She took a seat in one of the big comfy chairs, leaning her back against one of the arms and brought her legs up into the chair, curling up into a ball of some sort. She opened the book and began reading from the beginning, immersing herself in the world of the Six Heroes.

Being unaware of what occurred around her, a sudden voice startled her, making her gasp slightly and she squirmed around in her chair. She sat up and looked in the direction she heard the person speak from. The male that had spoken seemed slightly scared himself at her sudden movement and had raised his hands slightly in defense, smiling nervously, “My apologies miss! I just saw that you were reading Legacy of the Six Heroes,” he stated in a quiet voice, “It’s one of my favorite books and I was actually looking for it!”

She looked at him curiously and then stared down for a few seconds at the book in her hands, "Oh! I was actually just re-reading it!” she spoke suddenly, “I don’t mind letting you have it if you want!” she turned her head back to him and smiled.

“Huh? Really, you mean that?” he smiled widely, “Thank you! It’s one of my favorite books of all time! The Six Heroes are the best, aren’t they?” he went on excitedly, “Especially Gerrant! Man, who would’ve guessed 50 years ago that he was the Gold Dragon! And to give up his identity to save his friends like that! He’s awesome!” his eyes seemed to sparkle as he spoke about the Dragon.

She giggled slightly as the warrior went on about Gerrant, “You’ve quite the knowledge on the Six Heroes, don’t you?”

“I’ve read almost every book about them all! Legacy of the Six Heroes is just my top favorite,”

“You seem like a very interesting and fun human,” she perked up and stood, smoothing out her dress. She held out a small hand offering to shake his, “I am Yathlanae. May I ask your name?”

He happily took her hand, gently shaking it, “I’m Apheylon! It’s a pleasure to meet you Yathlanae!” he smiled, laughing slightly.

She grinned and sat down in the chair again, watching as Apheylon pulled a chair over next to her. As soon as the chair was in position, he plopped himself down. He gave her an unsure smile, as if he didn't know what to say to the Elven girl. She straightened herself up and gently cleared her throat, “So, Apheylon,” she began, smiling gently, “Which one of the heroes is your favorite?”

His face lights up and he immediately begins speaking, “Gerrant, by far, is my favorite! He’s so brave and he’s like a role model to me! I want to grow and be able to fight beside him one of these days!”

This earned a giggled from Yath, “You have quite high standards, though I’m sure if you really work hard at it, you can achieve anything!”

“So, what about you? Who’s your favorite Hero?”

“Me? I personally like them all and you’d expect my favorite to be Nerwin and although she is wonderful, my favorite would definitely have to be Velskud! His character is so interesting to me. It’s a shame really, that the friendship between him and Gerrant collapsed after the war,” she sighed lightly, a small frown penetrating her features, “Ah, but that was then and this is now! Hopefully, maybe one of these days, they can sort things out and befriend each other once again!”

A wide smile danced on the young warrior’s features as she spoke about the heroes with such interest, “You’re and interesting archer, you know that?”

“Oh?” She questioned, “How so?”

“Most elves in general these days are too caught up in learning about other things that they don’t really care for the Six Heroes. But you’re so fascinated by them! Your admiration impresses me!”

She giggled, “Ah, I suppose. If you say so! But what about you? I have come to the understanding that... Ah well, how do I put this? You’re quite intriguing yourself! My, I honestly wasn’t expecting such in depth knowledge to come from you before. I’ve only known elves and the small tinkerers to do such things,”

He fumbled, blushing slightly as if he’d been embarrassed, “Well, when someone gets me started on a topic that I really like, I tend to get ahead of myself,” he looked away from the elf sheepishly.

“Understandable. It’s easy to get carried away when you come across a subject that sparks your interest,” she agreed nonchalantly with him.

He chuckled and gazed around, his eyes locking with the clock positioned behind Yathlanae. Suddenly, he jumped up from his seat, “Ah! By The Goddess! I must take my leave and be on my way!” He smiled, “It was such a pleasure to meet you though Yathlannae, I do hope we run into each other again!”

She smiled, nodding slightly, “Certainly! I come to this library very often, so you’ll be sure to find me here,” she offered politely.

He nodded and turned, waving back at her, “Then I’ll be sure to come here often to visit with you Yath! See ya!” He flashed her a sideways smile before bounding off and out of the building, leaving the young elf with a small smile on her face as she returned to reading her book.

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We Met at the Library
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