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What the Rising Levels Mean for California

And What Is Being Done to Stop It

Rising sea levels would impact California’s sea level areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Mountain View. A third and two-thirds of California’s beaches will be wiped out from rising sea levels. Beach towns could utterly disappear in the next century if we do not check our greenhouse emissions from cars, and planes. The loss of beaches will affect California’s economic future. Infrastructures such as the San Francisco and Oakland airports will be affected by the rising sea levels. California’s communities by the sea do not necessarily experience extreme flooding like Florida but it could start happening.

Sea level rise would be 11/12 feet if greenhouse gases were curtailed while greenhouse emissions that reign unchecked would mean it would rise 2 ½ feet. A ten-foot rise would mean that many coastal cities would be affected. The sea level rise is likely to get worse when Antarctica melts down further than it is melting already. The only solution is to build sea walls, levees, and bulkheads, an expensive proposition that may cause damage to beaches.

The San Francisco Bay Bridge, completed in 2013, despite a cost of $6.5 billion, faced a report done by the Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission, by 2100, where the approach lanes from the East Bay would be inundated. With 45 not being willing to accept or deal with anything related to climate change, then we all face problems with their general ignorance. Global warming means that sea levels will rise no matter what we do. The only way to avert a huge global disaster is to phase out the use of fossil fuels altogether. With new technologies such as water power, as well as ethanol fuels, means that we have a chance at saving the planet but conservatives want nothing to do with the scientific fact of global warming. This is a pig-headed approach.

Rising sea levels compromise agriculture in California along with beach going as a hobby since the beaches will get smaller, along with shrinking inland. The sea levels have until 2100 to be fixed, given we work hard the next thirty years. The presidency of 45 is only a short time. 75 percent of Californians live in coastal cities. Sea level rise threatens roads, railways, harbors, and airports. Also, Greenland and Iceland will raise the sea level by 24 ft and 187 ft, respectively when both of them melt. 2050 is a year where the sea levels will rise some more if not checked by reducing the burning of fossil fuels.

California leads the nation using alternatives to fossil fuels in cars, such as hydrogen power or electric cars. California works at cutting emissions because we know that global warming exists based on hard science. For those of you who are global warming unbelievers, just look at our hot summer days with limited relief. In the past, California’s average summer temperature is in the 80s. California leads the effort to reduce emissions from waste in landfills as well as recycling.

California leads the way in trying to establish 403,000 new jobs related to climate awareness. California also gets a lot of clean energy venture capital investments compared to the rest of the country, since the figure is something like $2.1 billion. California works on its energy efficiency. California real estate is at high risk of floods in the next 50 years. Wildfires keep happening, as well as burning through many people’s properties. 2020 is the deadline for reducing emissions in California by creating more efficient cars, buildings that use fewer resources, homes, and appliances that use less energy, and even land use that doesn’t require so much driving along with factories that provide less pollution. There is also a plan in place to use less energy from faucets, sprinklers, and showerheads that protect our groundwater resources.

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What the Rising Levels Mean for California
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