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Why My Clairvoyance Drives Me Crazy

What are clairvoyant traits?

Being a psychic has its perks in that you will never, ever, be surprised by a surprise party. It is very hard to surprise me because it takes me very little time to figure out who is doing that. Clairvoyants receive visions, symbols, and pictures. I get visions of stuff happening to the living, such as when somebody is busy attempting suicide. Oh, that power is just scary because I once saw somebody I knew stepping in front of a car. Let’s not go there, because the issue with this person is pretty crazy-making and this article is not about them, it is about how a clairvoyant perceives things.

Clairvoyance is “clear seeing” because you have visions. Clairvoyants see flashes of light, which my family sends me while I’m driving, in particular, if I’m driving at night which I’m not going to do for a long while yet during this time in my life where I’m living on my own. Some clairvoyants can see movement through their peripheral vision, even if there is no movement in the room. Spontaneous imagery can show up while flashing before your eyes. I see things in the corner of my eyes all the time, many of this stuff is actually a spirit apparition that is wandering around, which I’m sensing. Images flash in my head of stuff that could happen to me or someone else.

This is why my clairvoyance drives me bonkers because I see stuff like suffering for example, and I’m left unable to do anything about it. For instance, I received a vision of standing up for somebody to a white supremacist on the light rail. I see the person I saw in my vision at the grocery store the next day. I recognized him from my vision. I didn’t say, “Hi, I saw you in a vision,” but you get the idea. Sometimes I get visions of people I haven’t met yet in real life.

I also get to see what they will do to me or somebody else. Visions of my future boyfriend are like this. Seeing auras is a clairvoyant trait. You see colors around a person, that are hard to describe because you are seeing it with your third eye. Some colors do not exist in our dimension, in the 2-dimensional world we all live in, also known as consensual reality. The truth is there are many possible futures

Psychics can tap into the many timelines and alternate realities and I can see those which of course makes me feel like I’m going to lose it. Clairvoyants see the message in their “mind’s eye.” No two clairvoyants see the same thing by the way. Psychic vision can come as a snapshot of imagery, a vision of a symbol, a symbolic vision of what you want to do with your life, or moving pictures as though you see a movie in your head. Psychic messages can be very symbolic about life things. Some symbols require help from spirit guides in order to piece it together. While I see auras, I’m less inclined toward getting symbols.

Symbols are a value judgment besides which I cannot let myself be driven nuts over because a symbol is a symbol and I studied English first so I know how to interpret metaphors to death. Dreams can symbolize many different things to different people. A symbol is something that others do not necessarily share in common. Spirit guides, angels, and dead humans are looking out for us. You learn better by seeing information visually, if you are a real clairvoyant, along with finding it easier to daydream or visualize. I can visualize quite well which works for my writing fiction because I can see what I need to see in my head or my imagination. As a clairvoyant, I’m visually observant about many things such as cold reading people’s ethnic background. Clairvoyance is all imagination and visualization besides getting the information about the way somebody looks, up front. Some give advice to imagine your third eye opening, excuse me if my third eye is wide open, I work on shutting it, on having blinds if you will. Intention is a huge part of developing psychic talent. Clairvoyants can see flashing lights in the air, which I can see when my family sends me protection while driving as I mentioned earlier. We, clairvoyants, have quite the imagination. This imagination of mine is brilliant and serves me well.

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Why My Clairvoyance Drives Me Crazy
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