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11 Little Known Facts About Nikola Tesla

Undoubtedly the Most Underrated, Under Acknowledged Man of His Time

Tesla is most known for engineering the AC (Alternating Current) electrical current and the "Tesla Coil".

1. Tesla Worked for Thomas Edison

Tesla focused on engineering AC currents while Edison invested most of his money to the use of DC currents. This would lead to a rivalry between the two. Tesla spent his life working to harness enough electricity from the Earth alone to supply everyone and everything the energy demanded, for free. Edison worked to make a profit from it. He would eventually do everything in his power to discredit Tesla's work to promote his own and he would be relatively successful. Still today Tesla does not receive the credit deserved for his 700-plus patents throughout his lifetime.  

2. He Should Actually Be Credited with the Invention of the Radio

Most of us were taught that Marconi was responsible for blessing us with the radio but this is in fact, untrue. Tesla tried to prove that he was the creator with his original patents but was unsuccessful. Marconi was finally discredited in 1943 when the Supreme Court ruled his patents invalid after seeing the immense similarities between his and Tesla's patents. 

3. He Was Born During a Violent Lightening Storm

That's a wild coincidence for the man who would later create the largest man-made lightening bolt ever documented. He would spend his life working with electricity developing technology that is still used heavily today.

4. Tesla Was Interested in Ancient Technology

He used key structural points in the Great Pyramid of Giza to construct on of his very own labs. It can now be understood that his Colorado Spring lab and the Great Pyramid site are both optimal places to extract energy from the Earth. A man whose ideas were so futuristic ironically got most of them from looking into the past. It was suggested that the Pyramids are actually ancient power plants that could have supplied our ancestors with the Earth's free flowing energy. 

5. Many People Assumed Nikola to Be Insane

His ideas and interests were so far advanced for his time that it was hard for people to make any sense at all of them. The depth and accuracy of his studies weren't even fully realized until after his death. Today a massive amount of his work is applied to our every day life. He was absolutely a man before his time. 

6. He Practiced Sexual Transmutation

Tesla practiced celibacy his entire life. He used his pent up sexual energy by transmuting it into creative energy. He has also credited his meditation visions to some of his most powerful and advanced ideas.

7. He Claimed to Sleep No More Than two Hours per Day

He quite literally spent his life advancing his ideas for the benefit of humanity. He died penniless and alone which shows you that he clearly wasn't in it for money or fame. It was reported by his associates that he worked in his lab for over 80 hours once with no rest.

8. Tesla and Albert Einstein Did Not Have a Good Friendship

It can be correctly assumed that the two men did indeed respect one another but they could not agree to disagree on one thing; Einstein's Theory of Relativity. This would eventually create a wedge between the two men as Tesla publicly criticized Einstein's ideas. He was adiment that The Theory of Relativity was consumed with flaws and errors and never supported it. 

9. He Was Very Peculiar

He was a germaphobe and absolutely insisted on dressing to impress. He was very conscious of his looks and he preferred any photographs of him be taken on his “good side. He had a gross aversion to pearls. He refrained from talking to anyone wearing them, wouldn’t allow his female employees to wear them at work, and quite frankly couldn’t stand the sight of them. Still, no one knows why that was.

10. He Had an Eidetic Memory

It was said that he could memorize whole books and articles after reading them once. He was able to memorize and store entire blueprints of inventions in his mind until he could construct them on paper. His memory and imagination were his strong points, but it was the execution of such ideas that was his weakness.

11. The U.S. Government Ceased All of Nikola Tesla’s Paperwork and Studies After His Death

Much of the paperwork ceased was never declassified. It was rumored that Tesla had a design for a destructive “death ray” that could rival any modern weaponry.

Nikola Tesla was absolutely a prodigy in his work. The lists of ideas he’s contributed to modern science is almost endless. Now that we are finally catching up to his ideas and beginning to understand them, we can fully begin to appreciate and credit his life’s work. It makes it even more amazing that he was able to develop technology in his mind that humanity itself as a whole has just recently begun to execute. 

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11 Little Known Facts About Nikola Tesla
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