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Destination: Earth
2 months ago
It is year 2019 on Earth. I haven't seen my real mother or father in what seems like millennia. Has it been millennia?! It isn't as if I could visit them, even if the humans could space travel... they...
Beginner's Survival Guide To The 2018 Venus Retrograde
6 months ago
The much revered Venus retrograde has finally begun. You can already find a plethora of articles and information explaining in entirety the feared aspects of this retrograde; but fear based thinking i...
5 Simple Actions You Can Take to Help Save the Oceans
9 months ago
It is now no surprise to anyone that our human waste is piling up. We are finding sea animals beached with stomachs filled with garbage and plastic. We find animals with plastic embedded in their bodi...
11 Little Known Facts About Nikola Tesla
9 months ago
Undoubtedly the Most Underrated, Under Acknowledged Man of His Time
11 Things You May Not Know About Albert Einstein
9 months ago
Some not-so-known facts about the greatest genius of his time.
6 Signs You're a 'Real Life Divergent'
10 months ago
Some of us just weren't born to fit into the societal norms. We weren't born to thrive at a 9-5 job that barely makes ends meet, to worry day in and day out, to have no control over our lives... to ju...