Patrick Boniface

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An Astronaut's Life
a year ago
The beauty of the moon hanging in the night’s sky has been central to writing for thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans named gods after our planet's only natural satellite, yet today only 24 men ...
The Incredible Life of Astronaut Jim Irwin
a year ago
Jim Irwin will always be remembered as the astronaut who walked on the moon and discovered God. Upon his return from space, he would try to find Noah's Ark amongst many other biblical projects. Sadly,...
The Incredible Life of Astronaut and Artist Alan Bean
a year ago
The fourth man on the moon was nicknamed "Sarsaparilla" because he never touched a drink. He was a methodical, meticulous man who always dotted the I's and crossed the T's. He was also the only astron...
How Deep Is Deep
a year ago
We’ve all heard about leagues under the sea and how deep the Marianna’s Trench is; but have you ever stopped and thought how we developed our understanding of how to actually measure the depths? Measu...
Duct Tape in Space
a year ago
NASA is the epitome of can do attitude. It prides itself on getting the job done and done well, so how come duct tape has played such a major role in the space program to date? Duct tape is that ‘grey...