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Best Star Wars Holiday Gifts

Shopping for your Star Wars fan this Christmas season? Get the Force with you using our list of the best Star Wars holiday gifts out there.

Star Wars is one of the most successful movies of all time—and the franchise it inspired has created an entire fandom associated with it. Thanks to the popularity of the movie, comic, and television series in the franchise, shopping for Star Wars holiday gifts has never been easier. 

Or has it?

With all the cool gear referencing the franchise out there, it can be hard to choose. Fear not, dear shopper! We decided to create the ultimate list of Star Wars holiday gifts out there to make finding gifts for fans of every age a breeze. 

"What Color Is Your Lightsaber?" Shirt by Goodedesign

This fan-designed pride shirt is one of the best Star Wars holiday gifts we've seen, combined with one of the coolest pride flag items being sold on RedBubble. Anyone who wants to show their geeky side during Pride Day will want this shirt. 

Ideal for the LGBTQ fan who wants to feel the Force while they're marching during Pride, Goodedesign's shirt will definitely have them jiving with their inner Jedi in the best of ways. 

Star Wars Galactic Necklace by ThinkGeek

Looking for Star Wars holiday gifts that are wearable without being too overt about their geekiness? This Star Wars take on a classic "galaxy necklace" shows all the biggest planetary landmarks of the Galaxy Far, Far Away—including the Death Star!

Each planet in the galaxy necklace is made of a rare stone such as hematite (Coruscant), Malaysian jade (Yavin 4), or white turquoise (Hoth). Oh, and there's also a TIE Fighter and X-Wing thrown in too. It's geeky elegance without it being too heavy-handed on the geeky side.  

"Not the Coffee" Mug by Studio YNM

Is your friend worried about that one pesky coworker who keeps stealing their coffee in the breakroom? Studio YNM has created one of the coolest Star Wars holiday gifts for coworkers who tend to lose their mugs—a mug that offers a built-in Jedi mind trick. 

Sure, it may not actually be a legit Jedi mind trick, but this machine-washable mug will give them a cheeky reference joke that fellow Star Wars fans will get.

The Boba Fett Watch by Nixon

Nixon watches are known for their quality, but usually, it's not a totally geeky brand. However, things are about to change pretty heavily thanks to the Boba Fett Watch—a limited release that is also officially-licensed Star Wars merch. 

This watch comes with Fett's "As You Wish" inscription, a Boba Fett-themed color scheme, and a slew of awesome watch functions. This is one of the best Star Wars holiday gifts for fans of the galaxy's most terrifying bounty hunter, wouldn't you agree?

Star Wars Duel on Naboo Set by LEGO

Naboo has seen many crazy battles throughout the Star Wars movie, and as many fans know, it's a major part of the fandom. This massive kit from LEGO allows fans to recreate their favorite scenes from Star Wars: Episode 1

Just like with all of the best Star Wars LEGO kits, this particular kit comes with a couple of mini-figures that kids can enjoy collecting. This is an ideal gift for Star Wars fans who collect LEGOs, as well as for collectors who just want to see something neat on their shelves. 

Star Wars The Black Series Kylo Ren Figure by Hasbro

Kylo Ren has become one of the most powerful villains in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Oddly enough, this villain has a pretty massive following primarily because of how evil he is. 

If your friend would have wanted to join the Sith side, show him some love with this unmasked Kylo Ren figurine. It's one of the coolest Star Wars holiday gifts for figurine collectors. 

R2D2 Waste Can by Star Wars

Most of the Star Wars holiday gifts you'll find will come in the form of an action figure, LEGO set, or a book—and that's totally fine! Most fans will happily accept those, but if you want to get something that'll really set your present aside from the rest, why not go for some Star Wars home decor?

This R2D2-themed waste can is bright, colorful, and modern, with subtle design elements that hint at your friend's fandom without it being too obvious. Its compact size makes it a perfect addition for an office bin, a restroom accessory, or as an accent piece for your kid's bedroom. 

Han Solo Thermoelectric Soda Cooler by The Robe Factory

Want to see your friend freak out? Then gift them one of the coolest Star Wars holiday gifts ever—the Han Solo Soda Cooler. As most people who have watched the original Star Wars series can tell you, Han Solo had the fastest ship in the galaxy and was nabbed by Jabba the Hut. 

When Jabba had him in his grips, he put Solo in frozen carbonite and then hung him up on his wall as a trophy. This cooler takes that famous trophy scene and turns it into home decor that has the capacity to keep up to 18 cans of soda cool. 

This cooler also has a heating function too. So, if you're looking for a way to keep other goods piping hot, you can count on Hans Solo to help you out. 

The Star Wars Cookbook by Robin Davis

There are a million Star Wars books out there for fans to enjoy, but few are as popular or notorious as The Star Wars Cookbook. This fan-favorite is one of the best Star Wars books for kids and adult cooks who want to get a taste of Tattooine—or just make really good snacks. 

Classic fan favorites include Wookiee Cookies, Darth Malts, and Crazy Cantina Chili. More importantly, these recipes are easy to do, even if the Force isn't particularly with your culinary skills. All things considered, it's one of the better Star Wars holiday gifts out there for DIY fans. 

PS4 1TB Pro System with Star Wars Battlefront 2 by Sony

Without a doubt, one of the best Star Wars holiday gifts for the gamer in your life would have to be this epic PlayStation 4 Pro System and Star Wars Battlefront 2 bundle. This limited-edition PlayStation 4 comes with a unique Star Wars-themed skin, which already would make most fans go nuts. 

When you add in the copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2, you end up with a gift they'll be bragging about until next December. This is the perfect gift set for people who 

(Of course, for 'unplugged' fans, checking out the top Star Wars board games might be a better option.)