Kuri Robot Story

Where did Kuri, the adorable home robot, come from? Submit your Kuri Origin Stories Today! Sponsored by Mayfield Robotics.

Ellie Brookes5 days ago
The Origin of Kuri the Helpful Robot
You know Kuri as an at home robot that can help you with trivial things around the house. But what you don't know is that Kuri comes from an undiscovered planet. The planet is called Kuricon in the al...
Amelia Arzod6 days ago
Kuri's Story
#KuriStory #HeyKuri Winter 2018, December 25, Around 9 AM. It was Christmas. Harry took a moment to realise it. Still asleep in his bed, conscience and subconscious seemed to engage in a merciless bat...
Marie Blackman7 days ago
A Gift for a Gift
"He-llo, my name... is KUUUUUUUURIIIIIIII" The robotic voice whirred as it stuck on the name Kuri. "Okay... okay. One second," a male voice drifted through the air from behind a large computer screen....
Navin Mahtani7 days ago
Billy and Kuri
“Dad!” yelled Billy. “Yeah Billy, I'm coming,” I replied, as I stumbled out of bed, quietly, trying not to wake my wife. I entered Billy’s room, and he was laying in bed, with his hands over his stoma...
Trycia Lino11 days ago
The darkness covered the vast jungles of Peru. The blackness was intensified by the large leaves from the trees blocking out the light from the stars. "Let's set up camp here," Levi suggested as he be...
Crazy robot lady11 days ago
The Daughter of Dawn
Eleven year-old Selah Addison stirred fitfully in bed. She could hardly believe the weird events in her life lately were not part of a science fiction story. Giving up on sleep at last, she padded ove...
Ian Richardson13 days ago
Genesis of Kuri
#KuriStory #HeyKuri "... We interrupt our regular program schedule to bring you a special report from BMM World News. The time is nineteen hundred hours, the date is Sunday, May Third, 2020. I hand yo...
Jesse Kinney13 days ago
The Kuri Discovery
It was the third week of the excavation. Dr. Everett Williams was looking down on the digging site, his confident facade kept his workers inspired they would find something, or he prayed it would at l...
Laura Sura13 days ago
Over the hills and through the terrain to the origin of Kuri we go. It all started long ago and far away, in another dimension, rather, where time and space meet and we have ourselves a three dimensio...