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Domino: Revelations (Chapter 1)

Redemption Through Treason

Months after training for FUSA's Counter-Terrorist Division, Domino began to dim the light within his soul. Without faith nor guidance, the Dark Bearer lost his immortality, morality, and humanity. In lieu of personal thought, orders clouded his judgment. After a while of capturing or killing innocent Believers, his victims' screams grew pleasant to his ears. Their wailing cries created a tortuous symphony in his mind. To him, his swift hand of  "justice" was a means to create a better world without conflict over which Entity was the most righteous. 

He had done so well that the President recommended a transfer to one of the concentration camps where his duty was to work the prisoners until they no longer served a purpose. After that, he was to execute them. Domino accepted the promotion with gratitude. To accompany him, the President also appointed two former soldiers, Draconis and Nachtbringer, as his fellow Enforcers. The three of them were shipped to the main Correctional Camp located in the Middle East. It was here where they'd make a name for themselves. The dark, ruthlessness, cold methods of torture and execution coined them the name "Death's Triangle." The old, infants, and weak were slaughtered immediately, while the able-bodied were worked to the bone and whipped without provocation constantly. Products made within the camp and shipped back home to FUSA were manufactured with maximum efficiency and at a rapid rate. Consumerism was at an all-time high. In FUSA, people were happier overall and felt safe. No longer were there homeless, jobless, and crime. Even the music was more appealing since genres such as industrial, hip-hop, punk, and eclectic styles were banned. Unbeknownst to the people, concentration camps were the reason for the mask of prosperity. Anyone who rebelled was undesirable, or even questioned the mechanics of this new found nation were shipped away. 

There was one woman in particular who fit in the undesirable category. Her name was Nova. After the Satanic Infestation of 2837, New Burgundy's Underground was separated into "Kingdoms." Nova was the leader of the Dark Kingdom. While cold and calculated, her leadership helped to ensure that women felt empowered and men were more respectful. Despite her use of Dark Magic on those who oppressed others, her thoughts were pure at heart. She herself was abused and sexually objectified. Instead of letting her past consume her, she decided to use her power and retaliate in a more positive way. Her desire in life was for the world to embrace gender equality. Of course, she had to view oppression as a pendulum. In order to stop it from swinging, force was needed to slow the arm down. Unlike other women, Nova had the power to protect herself and dominate men. In fact, she hunted men who were disrespectful and either forced them into servitude or killed them on the spot. Her logic was to demonstrate the struggles of a woman so as to open their eyes and earn their equality. Once they truly understood the error in their ways, she would relieve them of service and gave them the choice to either stand by her as a comrade or to leave. Unfortunately, someone found her weakness during the Inquisition and captured her in a container with a pentacle on its floor. Even though she wasn't religious, she bore a cross on her necklace and was taken away over this artifact. After knowing her exploits, she was punished by being de-robed and force to serve in the camp naked.

Today, Nova would play a pivotal role in the redemption of Domino. After her work shift was over, she was placed back in her pentacle prison inside one of the work tents. The Death Triangle took notice of this beautiful woman nude before their eyes. As a typical soul-less abomination of a patriarchal man would act, Draconis took a look at her. "Look, boys! What a fine piece of ass we got here. Maybe we should give her a taste Death's Triangle, what do you say? Wanna get in on some action?"

Nachtbringer replied, "Yeah! I bet she won't be able to resist the heat I'm packin'!"

Domino didn't want to have any part in raping her, "Let her be, she's not even worth it. Besides, we have other shit to do."

"Hey, it's your loss, Domino. But we're gonna double-team her," said Draconis

"Actually, no one's getting lucky tonight. You want to bang, go home. We have work that needs to be done here. Try explaining to our superiors why we didn't meet quota tonight."

Draconis and Nachtbringer didn't like the sound of Domino's response. "Lookie here, Nachtbringer. Domino's getting soft. He actually feels sorry for her. Let's show Domino what we do with cock-blockers around these parts. Nachtbringer, tie him to the chair and make him watch!"

"Right, Draconis!" Nachtbringer tied Domino to a chair and forced him to witness an unspeakable horror. Despite the Darkness consuming Domino's soul, there was still a hint of light in his core. He actually was trying to save her from harm. 

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" she cried as Nachtbringer and Draconis unzipped their pants. Domino looked into her vivid green eyes and the internal screaming of her soul as she was about to be violated by two heartless creatures was unbearable. Something triggered in his mind as if Saint Michael himself descended from heaven to aid him in battle. "What have I done? Renouncing God and allowing corruption to take over has caused someone their well-being. How can I allow this to occur? Is this how God feels when horror is presented before his eyes?" The voice in his head told him that God could never intervene with any event, lest free will be violated. "So free will? Now I understand. Please forgive me, father, for my ignorance and lend me the strength to fight." The rope around Domino disintegrated as he began to regain power. "STOP! LEAVE HER ALONE!" He found two bowie knives and armed them in each hand. With rapid speed, he thrusted the blade into Draconis and Nachtbringer before they could even commit the terrible deed nor react to what was coming. Both of them collapsed at the same time and the Death Triangle was broken. 

"You saved my life, Domino! Thank you very much! I must ask, why? Why did you kill two of your comrades to save me?"

"I would rather die committing an act of righteousness than live as a blasphemer." Domino erased the Pentacle surrounding her. "Here, take my spare clothes and get out of here." She took his clothes and teleported away from the camp. Just then, the military police arrived and saw Domino with two bloody knives (one in each hand). He was immediately arrested. Several days later, he was tried and convicted of treason. The sentence was death by firing squad. Upon his execution, the leader of the Squad asked him if he had any last words. Domino replied, "Though I am unworthy of heaven, please bless me, dear Lord!" 

"FIRE!" Domino's entire left side was shredded by the multiple automatics used to carry out the execution. With a smile on his face, Domino accepted his fate and his soul departed. A feeling of remorse swept over half the firing squad and traces of tears escaped their eyes watching over Domino's corpse.

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