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In the Future Will We All Use Mind Control?

Could thought transference be the future?

In the future will we all exercise “mind control” over others?

I do not mean the emotional manipulation consciously used to get our own way. I mean the ability to get others to think the way we do and agree with us, just by sheer strength of mind.

Think of dictators who, while on the rise to power, can beguile crowds of people with strength of oratory. Examine the text at a later date, and you find it hard to understand how so many people became swayed at that time. Consider a well-trained dog or horse and the relationship with their owner. A horse is stronger than the owner and a dog usually more agile, yet they obey commands. Consider the effect of “charisma.” How does a particular performer hold an audience, while the same words or actions by another performer are less engaging?

Are these things the result of the thought form clouds of great power, generated by a single person who pours their emotions into the delivery and into that thought form cloud? Instead of several thoughts gathering to make a strong cloud, can a single person who has great conviction and self belief mixed with raw emotion generate their own cloud that dominates the minds in the audience?

In most personal relationships, there are fluctuating levels of control, some favoring one person one moment and the other the next moment. A balance is achieved. When powerful minds are supported by fervent emotion, this balance can be broken because the thought form cloud that has been temporarily generated overcomes the ability of the partner to think clearly and they get overwhelmed.

For this to work there must be two-way flow of thought energy — a combination of thoughts and emotion-forming thought energy — this flows both to the cloud and from the cloud to a mind. This mind would have to be consciously connected to the basic thoughts, or emotion, and open to receive this. This would be the case at a political rally or a pop concert. It would also be the case between two individuals in a relationship with each other.

Consider mother and child relationships, A baby has very little in cohesive thoughts, they initially run on instinctive need and so the mothers thought energy predominates and protects the infant. As they get older and become two or three years old, a toddler can have immense emotions, often irrational to an adult but the raw emotion may make the thought energy overpowering, despite the actual thought being less intellectually valid. This is why toddlers get their own way so often. Teenagers often have emotions that overwhelm their own intellect and this produces a powerful, but confused thought form cloud of energy, when several teenagers get together and start to share and build the strength of this cloud it can produce unwanted and anti-social results. As we get more life experience and we gradually learn to use our more rational mind to control emotions, the thought energy may lessen but the thought form cloud becomes more understandable, more in line with homogeneous thoughts of others and then a larger stronger but still rational thought form cloud is formed.

These thought form clouds produced by individuals will be temporary unless joined by large numbers of similar thoughts all allied to emotions. Once the pop gig is over and the crowd dispersed the level of rapture evaporates and by the morning there are thousands of individuals not one joined together cloud of thought and emotion energy.

When we “day dream” or even fantasize, we may have lots of thoughts, but they are backed by very little emotion and so do not form a cloud of thought energy. A mentally unbalanced person who fantasizes, especially if the fantasy has a direction given by a watched film or computer graphic, may in fact produce a lot of wayward but strong emotion attached to the fantasy thoughts, this then does become a thought form cloud, and a dangerous one, if it is strengthened by others of similar nature.

It has been suggested to me that meditation will produce “positive” thought forms and so, especially in a group session, could produce positive thought form clouds that could become strong enough to influence many people. This could be the mechanics by which the "if we all want peace then it will prevail" comes about. This is an appealing idea but if I am to reach certainty, I have to deal with my own doubts. My doubts come from my own practice of empty mind meditation, where obviously no thoughts are generated and also from the lack of emotion in a meditative “mode.” Most meditation, as differing from self induced trance; is aimed at quietening emotion, it is a calming process, but thought forms need emotion as the energy to drive them to form clouds. As I understand it, most meditation is aimed at being receptive, quietening the “monkey” mind and being able to calmly receive cosmic good.

If calmness and acceptance are described as “emotions” rather than as a “state of being” then we can envisage a neutral thought form cloud that is one of more abstract value. One of peace through empty tranquility and deriving its energy from the emotion of calmness in the meditation. Such a cloud, if fed by enough people, could have a beneficial effect on the human race. It would not impose thoughts or ideas on anyone but it may bring about a calmness and peacefulness that is sadly lacking in so many of us. So many of us get conditioned into becoming stressed over events and actions that actually are of very little consequence. May be a neutral, but powerful thought form cloud energized by the emotion of calmness, would help us all see reality and stop caring about trivial things. This is dependent on calmness being an emotion. My dictionary defines emotion as — any strong feeling as of joy, sorrow, or fear. (Interestingly it defines “emote” as to display exaggerated emotion, as in acting.) So can we have “strong” feelings of calmness? We certainly can have great calmness, as displayed by some when disaster is imminent and some calmly deal with it, while others panic. Great calmness is strong calmness, which makes calmness an emotion. There are many who advocate meditation as being a way of “saving” humanity, may be this is the actual mechanism that can make this work.

This concept of deliberately forming groups to consciously generate thought form clouds, is an intriguing one. Could the future of education be through such groups? Some teachers and some students form a group, the teachers generate their knowledge into thought forms, and the attendant students “log in” to the thought forms and so absorb the knowledge. Again, the need to have energy from emotion is to be overcome. What emotion could the teachers feel that would drive the thoughts without distorting them? Maybe unconditional love for the attendant students, as a group. Possibly even anger at ignorance? For the students to join into this cloud they would need to be homogeneous to the thoughts and so would have to have both genuine interest and some degree of knowledge on the subject matter.

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In the Future Will We All Use Mind Control?
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