Peter Rose

Author of books on Magnet Therapy ( “The Practical Guide to Magnet Therapy” pub Godsfield Press and “Magnet Healing” pub Connections.).

Some fictional works available at Amazon;-


Do We All Read Minds?
17 days ago
“Mind reading” may be far more common than we think. How many times have you said something and your companion has replied, “I was just about to say the same thing”? Have you ever telephoned some one ...
The Natural Laws of Existence
22 days ago
What are the natural laws? Those rules that affect everything and can not be avoided. Some may call them God's law while others say they are the scientific rules of physics. Why the importance of univ...
The Future for Mass Transit Systems
a month ago
A big question for the twenty-first century, maybe the biggest one city people will face: What can we do about mass transit (of people) systems? Definition: a mass transit system is one designed to ge...
Thoughts on the Future of Humans
a month ago
Thoughts on the future. The main factors that will affect the future will be population size, climate change, technical advances for the production and transmission of usable energy and political powe...