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Inside Out Space

Welcome to Planet Earth

“As we have suggested to the supreme member body of the Milky Way Galaxy Tribunation. The expedition to the third planet has been plotted out to be 80,500 pc from Ailien. We have been monitoring the planetary life forms extensively and through an exhausted analysis, we have arrived at an irreproachable understanding of the planet’s current and projected future technological projected development. We have then, and within our functional collective parameters, have ascertained that the 3rd planet has not become dominant in its ability to travel beyond the perimeter of its own inclusive solar system. Moreover, we have amassed through initial and through a continued analysis, that an Ailien expedition would be needed to assist the carbon energy units some additional assistance as to transitioning within a higher echelon of vibrational development. And in so doing, into a higher level of consciousness and overall collective vibrational velocity. All in all, as in accordance with the collective fellowship of universal covenant of abiding members of the Milky Way Consortium of Contingent Planets. We therefore, as codified within our bylaws, and through the provisions and codex of planetary interventional conventions, are therefore authorized to engage in direct exploratory contact with the third planet and its carbon based self-contained inhabitants. Furthermore, we have, in accordance with mutually agreed interstellar protocol; have incorporated surveillance monitoring probes within the perimeter of the third planet; placing them directly within the interior of its surrounding dark matter field. Therefore, it is encouraged for this mission that we accept volunteers who therefore will immediately contact the field command of the Ailien bureau of interplanetary emancipation for further instructions of mission protocol and review.”

“Is it me, or does Commodore Piojit enjoy routinely imparting the same unvarying condescending disquisition as he envisions presumed myriads of motivational schemes for us low vibe gebeas?" Kioud thought pensively and continued… “The council relies on its slower vibrating gebeas to do their dirty tasks ever since Ailien has been the de facto galaxy’s policeman with the conclusion of the Transgalactic war.” Kioud pauses, as his physicality changes in hue and luminosity. He continues… "The council damn well knows that when Ailienens come into contact with inferior life forms, that we run the risk of alien influenced biogenic contamination through exposer to non-sequitur artifact transference. And because of this, Ailienens are prone into assuming illusory alien personages that may compromise our underlining mission by means of exposer with atmospheric induction; that infiltrates and contaminates our molecular structure and compromises our essential integrity. And the longer we stay in contact with any alien disorder, the harder it is to come back to Ailien and assimilate directly back into mainstream acculturated symmetry—enduring mandatory compulsory quarantine no less!” Now at this point, Kioud has been turning a deeper shade of matted crimson—permutating into a confluence of resonate physical aberration. He looks away, and Kioud, then looks up toward the three moons of Ailien and reflects back upon his gebeas statistical distinction while brooding over his fundamental aspiration of becoming a legitimate unblemished Ailien. Jjhiy Hiehit, in the meantime, keeps his gaze steady upon his parallel binary gebeas Kioud Hiehit. 

“Kioud, if you ever want to exclude yourself from future volunteering expedition scenarios then you should disciple yourself by developing a wider range of self vibrational control disciplines. Because, look at how disdainful you are with your exposed matted physicality right now! Aren’t you aware that here on Ailien, we abhor our physical selves as a matter of course. And we have been a little too removed by our planet’s contemptuous attitudes ever since we were victorious during the Transgalactic war…” Jyhiy looks directly towards Kioud who is now turning back into a more socially acceptable vibrational state of molecular transparency.

"You're right Jjhiy,” said Kioud earnestly. “It seems I have forgotten the stories of our youth going back to when we were just mere nebula and having an engagement of narrow influencing energy perimeter…” 

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Inside Out Space
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