Sean Patrick

I have been a film critic for more than 17 years and worked professionally, as a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association for the past 6 years. My favorite movie of all time is The Big Lebowski because it always feels new. 

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Classic Movie Review: 'Star Trek V: The Final Frontier'
a month ago
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier begins on a laughable, risible, note. After a prologue that vaguely introduces the film's villain, Laurence Luckinbill, we open on a mountain in California where a man is free climbing El Capitan. This handsome, in-shape, young man is nearly half way up the mountain when, in a scene of stunning incompetence, bad special effects, and remarkable arrogance, the strapping young climber is revealed to be the then nearly 60 year old, paunchy, William Shatner. Shatner, w...
'Ad Astra' Five Takeaways from the First Trailer for New Brad Pitt Movie
2 months ago
After moving to Netflix for his most recent movie, War Machine, Brad Pitt has two blockbuster movies on tap for 2019. The first up will be, arguably, the most talked about movie of 2019, Quentin Tarentino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which stars Pitt alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in a story that trails along the Hollywood of the late 1960s and the Manson Family murders. Following in the wake of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is Brad Pitt's other potential blockbuster, the outer space action mov...
It's Time to Kill "The Mandela Effect"
4 months ago
So, it turns out, the Mandela Effect, is not a real thing. In this article, I will examine the various ways that the Mandela Effect is either A) a massive troll job or B) that it is simply a made up construct intended to garner a few clicks on YouTube. Either way, however, you come down on this discussion—trolling or simple effrontery—you will hopefully come away knowing full well that the charlatans who continue to push this falsity are working from a made up construct.
Spoiler Alert: Five Reasons the Ending Ruined 'Alita: Battle Angel'
5 months ago
Through the first two thirds of its run time, Alita: Battle Angel is genuinely entertaining. Newcomer Rosa Salazar has an engaging presence and she's backed up by an all-star team of Academy Award eli...
Movie Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story
a year ago
After a year of behind the scenes drama that threatened to sink the project, Solo: A Star Wars Story has arrived in theaters. Famously, the directing duo of Lord and Miller were fired from Solo: A Sta...
Movie Review: 'Annihilation'
a year ago
Annihilation blew my mind. From the opening scene to the bizarre ambiguous ending, Annihilation is a head-trip that never quits. Directed by Alex Garland, the mastermind behind Ex Machina, Annihilatio...