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Interstellar and Orbit Pavilion

An advanced communication, synchronized in the fifth dimension, executed in the third.

A mind altering expression of infinite possibilities in the interstellar of my personal universe.

It was Friday morning. Through a sequence of synchronized events, I was taken on a strange journey to the Interstellar of my personal universe. An unexpected, spontaneous visit to one of my sanctuaries: The Huntington Library in Pasadena, California. The gardens are grounding with their spectacular natural exhibition, particularly in springtime when breathtaking wisterias in the Chinese garden and the Japanese ornamental quince are in the bloom.

I could smell the coffee from the parking lot, but that sensory perception got pushed aside and overridden by my sight as soon as I saw the featured exhibition's title, Orbit. Naturally!  

Curious and excited, I walked into the coffee shop and walked out content.

As usual, I was early. In a contemplative mood, chilling in the courtyard waiting for windows to open I heard the fountain speaking loud and clear, calling for my attention. By then, I had three of the five elementary senses fully activated and functioning within their range. A sip of the dark roast black coffee awakened the taste buds, activating the fourth sensory. Attentive and awakened, I paid attention and I saw the signs. I listened, and I heard the unspoken words. And in an ecstatic state of mind I recited; Hocus Pocus, Adji Madji, Abracadabra. Then I got up, walked around the fountain, stopped in the south, facing the north.

As the sun was rising, so was my spirit. Seductive and inviting; the cascading water illuminated by the rays of light convinced me to dive in. It was 9:45 AM. Ole'!!!

Observing the mesmerizing visual vortex in the specific space-time digital sequence, I had no choice but to get on my knees, thus, awakening the fifth sensory perception by feeling the chilled concrete as my knees touched the ground. Android was placed on the ledge of the fountain to capture the natural performance, the lovemaking act in a duo dance of fire and water, displayed in reflections, symbolizing the Interstellar. I knew I was not alone in this rewarding communication. Extraterrestrials were having fun revealing their existence. And I; I was mesmerized!

"Imagine if you can, that you are an alien. A needless awareness, omnipotent and omnipresent. A multidimensional, fun loving traveler visiting the earth. Who would you initiate a contact with? And what would be your tool of communication beyond the five elementary sensory perceptions of a primitive human? How would you identify yourself, and most important of all; what would you reveal?" Said Clandestino DeLuz, the mischievous trickster in Le cirque de la vie. I was entertained!

Windows opened. Soon I was admitted to the playground where children accompanied by educators were about to be exposed to history, art, science, astronomy, aerospace, and architecture. Instantly, I became one of the kids by divesting myself off of my personal history. I did my best observe the world I live in, through the eyes of today's ten years old.

High above the cloud nine, a larger than life question remained to be answered; "what are we teaching these kids?"

Abruptly, from that soaring crown; the notion of dinosaurs and nomad descended me to the biosphere to expose a futuristic architecture I created a year ago where columns were removed and corners are cut. The dome structure made of composite materials used in three-dimensional printing. They are marked by numbers and shipped to the site ready to be assembled. 

Much strength is needed to dissolve the disillusionment of limitation in the process of creation!

Orbit Pavilion

Orbit pavilion is a magnificent installation. A unique project initiated by The Huntington Library in collaboration with other organizations. NASA is the first of five.

Scientists and artists worked together in this architectural marvel by coordinating a series of sounds associated with the movement of the international space station and nineteen more satellites orbiting the earth. Each tone and frequency are coordinated with specific satellite. Put together, the result is a magical symphony of one and half minutes, unlike any others. Being informed by the process, it is not easy to walk into the structure without being overwhelmed by countless questions.

I sat on the bench inside the Orbit pavilion observing the visitors. It was not a difficult task to feel the energy emanating from everyone's body as they walked in, versus when they walked out. Evidently; the experience was more enlightening for the millennials. Uplifting!

There is a unique combustion when awareness and knowledge are experienced simultaneously in an orgasmic orgy of art, architecture, science, and sound, ascending me right back to the interstellar. History does not repeat itself in this new era of information. We are now creating a new history unlike it has ever been created before. That is that we are teaching these children. Directly or indirectly.

"We the aliens, put our trust in love. We come in peace and have a great sense of humor. We tap the courageous, the wise, and the adventurous, speaking the language of numbers and digital sequences revealing our presence, triggering curiosity, exciting the passion and desire for further advancement,", said Zorak. 

"Your uncivilized divided nations are governed by the primitive laws and outdated rules of conducts. They are borrowed from the perennial philosophy. A self-destructive concept initiated by an oblivious Babylonian storyteller, reflecting his own fears and wild imagination in a horrifying sci-fi production played in the matrix. The amplified insanity of an out of control inflated ego will soon be repealed and replaced by the new laws in reverse orders, whereby, the united civilized nations are governed by practical rules of conduct in light of knowledge. This is a new beginning of an exciting improvisation initiated by a wise master; the exceptional D.J. who Trumped America and the world at large in the post-information era, with his direct dialogue on twitter. 

In this new genesis, the terrestrial and extraterrestrial travelers visiting the earth are no longer bound to believe in, nor are obligated to listen to a third party interpretations of the new orders.  In this inevitable transition from the darkness of blind faith and false hope to the light of knowledge and experience, aliens are aware of their roles in the society. They are playing multiple characters, wearing different hats. They know that they are here to entertain the contemplative composite minds of generations to come who are inspired by the extraterrestrials, but independent of their intervention." Mischievous Clandestino continued: "Thank God aliens don't claim to be gods, or else you would be deemed as another egocentric messenger, imposing the grand delusion as the authority of your own creation to be the absolute truth."

Shahram Farshadfar
Shahram Farshadfar

Multidimensional extraterrestrial travelers visiting the Earth in search of intelligence. Authentic & original, offensive & politically incorrect; they come in peace and have a great sense of humor. Proceed @ your own risk.

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Interstellar and Orbit Pavilion
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