Shahram Farshadfar

Multidimensional extraterrestrial travelers visiting the Earth in search of intelligence. Authentic & original, offensive & politically incorrect; they come in peace and have a great sense of humor. Proceed @ your own risk.

Extraterrestrial Communication
8 months ago
The fractured body of an unconscious man admitted to the E.R. was identified as Marduk Murdoch. The thirty-three-year-old was involved in a collision. He was transferred from an urgent care in the sub...
Mammoth Cave
9 months ago
High anxiety and claustrophobia have always been a part of my personal truth for as long as I can remember. When I first arrived in NYC back in 1979, I was not only overwhelmed by the scale of its bui...
10 months ago
I was interested in sci-fi stories from the early age. In high school at lunchtime, while others were busy with physical activities, I was busy activating my imagination reading Greek mythology. It wa...
Extraterrestrial Communication
a year ago
"If you are present in the future of your own choice, looking at your past, and laughing about it; does it mean that, if you are present in the past, looking at the future of your choice, you are exci...
Interstellar and Orbit Pavilion
a year ago
It was Friday morning. Through a sequence of synchronized events, I was taken on a strange journey to the Interstellar of my personal universe. An unexpected, spontaneous visit to one of my sanctuarie...
Orbs of Light
a year ago
Orbs continue to be an inseparable subject of my art since I have noticed them first in some of the photographs taken by a friend at the November Full Moon gathering in my studio back in 2011. Curious...