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Invisible Magic Part 3

We have now just found out that Pfftten is a bit unreliable at times. Why was he late getting back? Did you expect Tom to turn into a werewolf?

Created and story by Lizzy Arrow

Now that Tom had been given the medication it shouldn't take long for it to kick in; clouds had started to form across the sky. The intruders were taken away and were being brought in for questioning. The rain had started to fall down on them as they hoped that Tom would start to come around now that he had started to transform back into his normal self. Something very particular had started to happen, and nobody knew what it was. 

Some sort of invisible magic had started to form. All you could see were clear little clouds joining together. Fred and Mr. Classic looked at each other, as if to say "what is this?" Pfftten, on the other hand, said “ohoh” like he knew what he had just done, which made both men look at him, “he...” squeaked Pfftten as he choked on his own flame. “Pfftten what have you…” Again, Fred never got to finish off his sentence.

The invisible magic flew up into the sky, which exploded into a mark; a mark that Fred, Mr. Classic, and Pfftten knew all too well what. The mark that nobody had seen for so long; the mark of a true Kennedy with a symbol of a werewolf added to it. Both men gulped because if anyone else saw the mark, they would know Tom's secret and he would be in more danger. Before they could get rid of it, Tom woke up in a blind panic like his soul had just been sucked out of him. They both looked up and it was gone.

“Let's get him inside before anything else happens,” said M. Classic, grabbing one off Tom’s arms whilst Fred did the same.

Pfftten ran on ahead to what was once again the door, he had fixed the whole thing before Tom came round after he realised what he had done to the house. Mr. Classic and Fred tried to swerve around the dead bodies of the intruders that Tom had attached. Pfftten locked the back door; as he ran past them he kicked them like he meant to. He heard his name called down the hallway through the open basement door.

The basement was like a medical room just for Tom when something happened to him. He could be treated at home better than anywhere else, there in the room were people who just arrived who knew Tom’s latest medical needs. One asked if anyone had seen Mrs. Ingram. As the two men laid Tom down onto the bed, Fred, Mr. Classic, and Pfftten went back up to go and find her, they soon realised where she could be hiding.

Unfortunately, Pfftten had beaten them to it; as they both watched him open the cupboard doors, Mrs. Ingram came out surprised holding a shovel, thinking there were still intruders in the house. Both the people and the animal got hit, not just once but a few times in fact. The two men flinched a few times before they could do anything to stop her. Then one of them grabbed hold of the shovel before Mrs. Ingram could swing again; one grabbed hold of Pfftten before he did any more stupid things. Mrs. Ingram soon realised who was stopping her and calmed down after she realised that it was Pfftten that she was attacking not the intruders. They were long gone…

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Invisible Magic Part 3
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