Abdullah Masood

Hi I'm a young doctor looking to write on stuff I find interesting and fun so hello and enjoy!

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Star Wars Rebels: Has Kotor 2 Revealed the Identity of Ezra's Mystery Sith?
11 days ago
The recent finale of Star Wars Rebels had everything. Crazy former Sith? Check. Blinded master? Check. Temples and an epic duel between Ahsoka and Darth Vader? Triple check. But a dominant theme throu...
The Orville: Hello Sassy Trek
11 days ago
*Spoilers for the show ahead* Let's first get some things clear here....I thought the Orville was going to be a joke when the tv trailer came out. Poor Star Trek parody from Macfarlane? Yikes, this ha...
Wil Wheaton Reveals in His Own Words How He Could See a Return of Wesley Crusher
11 days ago
Hello there Star Trek fans, this is an exciting time for you what with three new movies, an online RPG and a new series on the way. But with the new, one must remember the old and therefore I bring yo...
5 Theories on Who Snoke Is and Where He Came From
11 days ago
Hello Star Wars fans. With the end of the cinema screening of the Rogue One movie, many fans are now looking towards the The Last Jedi and as the release date draws ever so near, one question continue...
Trekkie News: Bryan Fuller Reveals 10 Exciting New Details About Star Trek Discovery
11 days ago
So here are the new details we had today about Star Trek Discovery, the new series to start in January 2017:
10 Reasons Why Star Trek: Beyond Will Disappoint Trekkies
11 days ago
I am a trekkie. I genuinely believe in the term and believe it was what Roddenberry envisioned for us. I have watched most of the episodes and all of the movies. So it was with great trepidation I wen...