Brynne Nelson

I'm a wife, mother, and writer. I have a passion for crafting stories and poems and posts. Please check out my work; I hope you enjoy it! If you do, feel free to leave a tip so that I can keep generating cool content!

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Hope Amidst (Prologue)
7 months ago
The room was spinning, the light sparking in the tears stuck in Clara’s eyes. She felt her body collapse to the floor, but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered in that moment. Breathing was an afterthou...
Cinderella (Chapters 7 & 8)
a year ago
Chapter 7 I felt my jaw drop. My Mama had been there for me for most of my life—how could she not know me? Yet I could see the cloudy confusion in her eyes; she was sincere. I snapped my mouth shut du...
Cinderella (Chapters 4-6)
a year ago
Chapter 4 Years pass like the falling of autumn leaves; each may be examined and declared individual and exquisite, but only rarely do they mean much on their own. Only when watching as a storm of lea...
Cinderella (Chapters 1-3)
a year ago
Chapter 1 I have heard the stories that the common people tell about me—some near the truth, but as time as gone on the tales have become increasingly absurd. Poor princess, someone said recently, thi...