Chloe Gilholy

Author of Drinking Poetry. 

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We Don't Get Aliens in Sheffield
2 months ago
Jodie Whittaker impressed everyone on Saturday Night. When it was first announced that Dr. Who would be getting a female doctor for the first time, people were split which is understandable. People don't like change very much and find it hard to adapt to, especially a big one such as gender. I think the BBC did incredibly well with the transition of Capaldi to Whittaker. I think many viewers have had their doubts put to rest. Whittaker captures the Doctor's wonderful characteristics, humour and ...
Elephant on the Moon
3 months ago
Kitty popped round to Great-grandpa Lucas’s house for a cup of tea. Great-grandpa Lucas was sleeping after working hard all day tidying up his house. When Kitty woke him up, he said to him. “Oh, Kitty...
The Journey
a year ago
Brock Curly was riding his red ostrich to Alpha Square. The Gavin Stardust Convention in Crystal Castle was set to be one of the greatest pop culture events of all time. He was not going to miss it: t...