Christina St-Jean

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April Fools? News Article Teases 'Star Wars IX' Time Travel
3 months ago
April Fools' Day brings out the prankster in all of us, but it may be that one article might have accidentally responded to some Star Wars fans' desires. Sunday Express, a publication out of the Unite...
'Ready Player One' A Cautionary Tale?
3 months ago
So, Ready Player One opened in North America yesterday to what appears to be pretty good reviews, which is no doubt exciting for the book's author Ernest Cline, but it would appear that there are mess...
A (Controversial) Explanation for the New 'Star Wars' Trilogy
6 months ago
I'm a huge fan of Star Wars; always have been. I love the escapist nature of the films, the hope, the action, and yes, even the love in the stories, and that will never change. I was not a big fan of ...
'The Last Jedi': What's The Matter, Luke?
6 months ago
I am not what you would call a person of faith. I believe there's some sort of higher power, and I respect everyone's right to believe in the higher power of the religion they follow, but I am not exa...
'The Last Jedi': A Film Worth Loving
6 months ago
I don't get people who are saying that The Last Jedi ruined Star Wars. I knew I wouldn't be getting a typical Star Wars movie the second Luke said in the trailer that "it's time for the Jedi to end." ...
Carrie Fisher, 'The Last Jedi,' and Nuance
6 months ago
I will preface this by saying that there will be #nospoilers in this post about Carrie Fisher and #TheLastJedi. Watching The Last Jedi was a surprisingly emotional experience in some respects. I've al...