Craig House

Creative entrepreneur, freelance designer and all round business savvy youth. 

Which Member of 'Star Trek: Discovery' Are You?
a month ago
If you were the Traveler, who could you shapeshift into and remain undetected? Or, if you don’t want to be that sinister, who could you replace on the team and the effect not be felt? Well, let’s run through the contenders.
Hyper-Futurism or Dystopia, Which Is Best?
a month ago
Either it will be a technological gadget-fest where there will be flying cars, holographic projections, and robot servants; or it will be a desolate future where we’ve wrecked the environment, caused nuclear winters, or enacted police states through governments either turning on its own people or another country. So what are the best examples of these two polar opposites? Let’s have a look.
Which Sci-Fi Universe Would You Want to Live in?
2 months ago
Different universes. We’ve all fantasised about them. And I bet you’ve thought at some point, whilst watching your favourite sci-fi programme, "What would it be like to actually live there?" But despite the sometimes fantastical surroundings, existing in these universes probably wouldn’t be all fun and games. I’ll run you through what it’d probably be like to inhabit these diverse, enthralling worlds.