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Is Goku Being Set up to One Day Become a God of Destruction Based on Recent ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapters?
a year ago
Ever since Goku achieved god form in the first arc of Dragon Ball Super, his power has increased exponentially; however, it was never clear how much of the divine he has been able to take on. Is he no...
Will an Invincible Frieza Become the New Villain of ‘Dragon Ball Super’?
a year ago
We saw it happen before: a cruel, bloodthirsty tyrant with a twisted understanding of right and wrong gets ahold of the Super Dragon Balls and wishes himself immortal. The other version of him switche...
Universe 7 Plans to Resurrect at Least One Fallen Universe With the Super Dragon Balls
a year ago
Several hundred episodes ago, Goku proposed the idea of a universe-wide tournament to the King of All, and he agreed — with a price. In exchange for the opportunity to battle more powerful fighters, a...
Divine’s the Limit: Goku Temporarily Surpasses Most Gods of Destruction With Newest Form
a year ago
Previously dubbed “Limit Breaker,” or the ultimate Saiyan form, “Ultra Instinct” is the latest of Goku’s many transformations. The form has been much-anticipated by fans since episode descriptions wer...
An Anime Version of ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ Hit the Internet and Everyone is Freaking Out
a year ago
Ever wondered what would happen if Spongebob somehow crossed over with Naruto, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma, Death Note and One Punch Man, and adopted everything shounen and...
This ‘Fairly Odd Parents’ Parody is the American Version of ‘Death Note’ You Didn’t Ask For (But Actually Needed)
a year ago
Already seen the much-reviled Netflix adaptation of Death Note? Still reeling from how awful it was, cringing from how far removed the output is from the source material? Do you perhaps feel like writ...