Gary Robertson

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Gary Robertson building trades, Navy worked on nuclear attack submarines, founder of Shallow Waterbeds Inc, breeder hen operation Tyson Foods, wastewater treatment specialist, true pyramid builder, refrigeration manufacturer, Solar tech. 

Pyramid International, LLC
2 months ago
The" Banks of the Nile" (B. N.) is heading into a new era; it is still going in the same direction, nothing has changed, but now it has taken on a new meaning. When you start something and you have a ...
The Banks of the Nile
3 months ago
If the weather gets worse and continues to get worse (and it is and will continue), what are you going to do to protect yourself from high winds, flash floods, earthquakes, and other such catastrophes...
Banks of the Nile
3 months ago
"The Banks of the Nile" has been a 50-year endeavor. It all started when I was 16 years old. Just before my grandfather died, he gave me a pamphlet called the Powers of the Pyramids. The first thing I...