Hyapatia Lee

Hyapatia Lee is the founder of Native Strength, a Native American path to emotional strength and enlightenment based on a centuries-old inter-tribal system.


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2 years ago
Many people accept reincarnation to be a fact. Dr. Jim Tucker at the University of Virginia has studied over 2,500 children who had memories of past lives. Most of these children were living in famili...
The Crystal Skulls
2 years ago
There are many legends regarding crystal skulls which were associated with the Mayan and other South American tribes and numerous crystal skulls have appeared over the last fifty years claiming to be ...
Telepathy and Quantum Physics
2 years ago
Telepathy is one of the ten magical gifts I have been told by several medicine men and women that we will soon be capable of receiving. Since we are all at different stages in our evolutionary process...
Communication with Extraterrestrials
2 years ago
In 1974 a message was sent into space, known as the “Arecibo” message. It was put together by Carl Sagan and his colleagues and was sent into space via radio waves at a special ceremony to celebrate t...
Our Stellar Family
2 years ago
I was taught by my elders that there are twelve members of our ancestral family in the stars and three are directly involved in our planetary family. To be clear, all these Star People are living sent...
Aliens and Native Americans
2 years ago
Native Americans have many legends of UFOs and aliens or Star People, just as we can find in other places around the world. From flying ships in India called vimanas to the Nephilim of the Bible, stor...