Ian Richardson

Ian has been reading books and comics for years. Eventually, inevitably he began to write. Winning several writing competitions recently has given him the confidence to push his writing further. Ian lives on the East coast of Scotland.

Genesis of Kuri
a year ago
#KuriStory #HeyKuri "... We interrupt our regular program schedule to bring you a special report from BMM World News. The time is nineteen hundred hours, the date is Sunday, May Third, 2020. I hand yo...
Mirror Cube
3 years ago
Since 2020, the Year of vision, we have been told that the universe is infinitely large but, as I said in my last post, (see Kaleidoscope Part 1) the universe is actually very small. Tiny. It’s vastne...
3 years ago
Chapter One Have you ever stood outside on a clear, starry night and looked up in awe at the heavens? The universe… the myriad stars scattered across the darkling sky. And have you ever thought that i...