Maxi’s World
2 months ago
Hello, my name is Maxi, I am in a Wade tribe on planet Toulon. Our planet is located in the IC1101 galaxy of the Abel 2029 Galaxy Cluster. It is a planet of diverse landforms, half land, half sea wate...
Hole on the Moon
3 months ago
There are many unsolved mysteries in human history—the formation and rupture of prehistoric civilization, the occurrence of floods, the simultaneous rise of 10 suns, and the disappearance of the Sun a...
4 months ago
I have spent ten years in geosynchronous orbit. Only me. My companion flew back to Earth when he changed shifts, and he never came back. That day, I saw a few mushrooms on the surface of the earth, th...
Song of Jupiter
4 months ago
“Jupiter, Jupiter… we’re coming.” 150 years later, man colonized Mars. Tan Cheng lay on the porthole of the spaceship MARIUS, speaking silently. “Hey, what are you looking at?” Fareal gave him a push ...