Jeffrey A. Corkern

Jeffrey A. Corkern is the most analytical of analytical chemists. The hardest of hard-case rationalists. A professional cast-iron son of a bitch.

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After the Awakening
2 years ago
Faith is a sloppy way to run a universe. —Robert A. Heinlein Faith isn't how the universe is run. —Jeffrey A. Corkern
Live Forever In a Happiness Box and Never Die
2 years ago
What, gentle reader, do you think is the most likely way for the human race to go extinct? Asteroid strike? Unlikely at this point. Scientists have already started tracking asteroids and are constantl...
The Insight
3 years ago
"Money," whispers Data Raider, "was information." He and De Crypt are hiding in the second story of a small abandoned concrete tower on San Jose’s outskirts, waiting until the cannibals get tired of l...
The Suitcase of Amontillado
3 years ago
First and foremost, dear reader, be assured the fault for his end was not mine, but Fortunato’s. I am the most tolerant of nobles and thoroughly acquainted with the travails of modern travel; I well k...
Why Asteroid Mining Will Never Happen
3 years ago
It’s amazing how people, even smart people, can be trapped by the past. Take the acquisition of metal, for example. For all of its existence, two hundred thousand years, the human race has known only ...
New Rose Hotel Bar
3 years ago
Hanging around in here seven hours now. New Rose Hotel Bar. Saturday night, and as always I drew every eye in the place the second I appeared. I paused and lounged against the door frame for maximum e...