Joseph Farley

Joseph Farley is a North Jersey based writer who loves short fiction and stand-up comedy

Best Multiverse Science Fiction Books
2 years ago
What defines multiverse science fiction varies and can often be convoluted, but generally speaking it is referring to a multiplicity of universes branching out into many different moments in time. As ...
Best Sci-Fi Mystery Books of the 00s
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When crafted well, the blending of sci-fi and mystery can make for some of the most compulsively readable books in the literary canon. These hybrid books take us to different worlds while still mainta...
Longest Science Fiction Books of All Time
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This day and age it's increasingly rare to see people tackle any book of substantial length, let alone some of the longest science fiction books of all time. It takes a rare sort of attention span, bu...
Best New Sci-Fi Books
2 years ago
The best sci-fi books always feel sort of new, that's part of their wide appeal. While many folks like to stick to classic sci-fi, there are many great new writers doing amazing things, and that's why...
Best Gene Wolfe Books
2 years ago
Gene Wolfe is widely considered to be one of the best living science fiction writers, and many consider him to be the best writer period. Award winning author Michael Swanwick certainly thinks so: "Ge...