Juan Vasquez

I am a hardcore otaku living in the Bronx. Currently moving through life, trying to ignore the existential dread creeping into my life.   

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The Harbinger of Doom
6 months ago
"Open your eyes, Annie." Annie Wei did just that, waking up with a jump. She was sitting at a bench in Central Park, during a rather unusually warm fall afternoon. Next to her was her worn paperback c...
Strike It Rich
2 years ago
“You got the credits, we got the crystal.” Shou-Yin said calmly. "Just give us the amount promised and all of us can go home without incident. He was the only one who's blaster wasn't drawn. His crimi...
Illuminati Inc.
2 years ago
Today was Harry Holt’s first day working as a security guard at the old Illumination Tinfoil Company. He drove his small white coop to the front gate, right next to a speaker stand. The building itsel...