Kevin McClintock

Master of Arts, Cambridge writer and teacher. Interests: Cosmology, Philosophy, Theology, Literature, Music, Politics and Science.
The Bose-Einstein Crucible
2 years ago
"The Bose-Einstein condensate is a state of matter in which extremely cold atoms clump together and act as if they were a single atom." ––Wonderpedia "Isaac Newton produced many works that would now b...
When You Go to the 21st Century
2 years ago
When you go to the 21st Century, you have to take MONEY with you. If you don't take money with you, you will die. You get money from BANKS who give out the money so that people won't starve or be unha...
What if D-Day Had Failed?
2 years ago
When Group Captain James Stagg of the Royal Air Force (RAF) met Eisenhower on the evening of 4 June, he and his meteorological team were unable to give him a firm enough assurance that the weather wou...
Soccer for Martians
2 years ago
Two opposing parties attempt to rid itself of a loathsome creature by stunning it and storing it in a net controlled by the opposing party. The ferocity and eagerness with which feet are used to deal ...
Unnatural Philosophy?
2 years ago
Thank goodness today's natural philosophers have their fancy tools at hand when it comes to proving their theories and letting us know just what's what. Imagine the embarrassment of say, Aristotle, we...
A Bluffer's Guide To Great Books: George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four
2 years ago
A warning, a prophecy, or just a story? In retrospect, it can be seen as all three. Indeed, it would appear to have over-fulfilled its literary quota and moved from being a sci-fi inspired future-hist...