Kristopher Kristianson

I am a 28-year-old male from Edmonton Alberta, the reason I joined this site is simply I have a lot of ideas constantly floating around my brain and a lot of knowledge. You may disagree but that is your prerogative.  

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Human Species, Did We Screw Up?
7 months ago
The human species: supposedly the most intelligent beings on our planet. Yet what type of intelligent creature destroys their only home? You see most intelligent creatures adapt to their environment, ...
Dangers of Lightspeed
7 months ago
As pretty much everyone knows, we have almost reached the point of no return on the consumption of our planet's resources. This can be proven with a simple google search. What you will find in that se...
Are Humans A Virus On The Planet?
7 months ago
Out of every living organism on Earth, humans identify the closest with a virus. We expand uncontrollably, we destroy our host (our host being Earth,) and we have no stable means of not eradicating ou...