Liza Saguto

Liza Saguto is a freelance science communicator based in Southern California. Her blog Beyond The Petri Dish covers a variety of science topics. Liza's favorite subject to write about is space exploration.

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Who Is Rocket Lab?
3 months ago
For decades the dream of going to space has remained that, a dream. In the world of science and technology, only a few were able to explore this frontier. But with the emergence of lower cost small satellites and increasing opportunities to reach space, a new era of smaller rockets has emerged to carry these small satellites to space. One of these companies is Rocket Lab. SmallSats and CubeSats are satellites that are much smaller than traditional satellites. SmallSats come in a variety of sizes...
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Wants to Welcome You to the Center of the Universe
4 months ago
On the floor of the Spaceflight Operations Facility at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory there is a plaque that boldly proclaims: “The Center of the Universe.” With large screens on the wall displaying...
Crowdfunding Science
6 months ago
Scientific discovery has always required extensive resources and large purse strings. But with decreasing sources of funding, getting a project off the ground can be daunting. Grants often require som...