Matt Cates

Admin at Oregon State University/College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Author of Haveck: The First Transhuman; Creator of; Guest writer for Geeks, and others!

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Are These The Most Underrated Science Fiction Books or Not?
2 years ago
We always root for the underdog, if we ever see one. But how can you cheer them on if you've never heard of 'em? That's why--voilà!--our latest list of underrated sci-fi-related things--in this case, ...
The Electric Poet
2 years ago
This story is excerpted from the novel Haveck: The First Transhuman by Matt Cates (Sable Mare Media, 2015).
Greatest Science Fiction One-on-One Battles Ever...and Their Spoofs!
2 years ago
When they engaged me to do a piece on Greatest Science Fiction Battles, I was not only honored but sweaty with fear. I eyeballed my anxiety meds, but knew that wasn't the answer. Rather, I asked for a...
6 of the Best "Worst" Science Fiction Movies You'll Ever See
2 years ago
It's a passion we share, you and I. Low quality science fiction films, movies so bad that they're fun to watch, mock, and over time, come to love intensely. It's the reason you're here. I know. I know...
The No-Kidding Coolest Planets in Science Fiction
2 years ago
Warning: This list of coolest science fiction planets will probably offend someone. Odds are 99-to-1 I left off someone’s favorite fiction world, so sorry ‘bout that but please keep the hate to a mini...
Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Science Loving Loved Ones
3 years ago
Most science lovers have an affinity for trivia and cheesy gifts. There is also a very special place inside the heart of every budding scientist for wordplay and double entendre...anything that requir...