Matthew Kresal

Matthew Kresal was born and raised in North Alabama though he never developed a Southern accent. His essays have been featured in numerous books and his first piece of fiction was published in the anthology Blood, Sweat, And Fears in 2016.

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SyFy, UFOs, and 'Official Denial'
a year ago
The late 1980s and early 1990s saw a rash of film and TV projects based off of the alien abduction phenomenon. These included adaptations of two non-fiction books based on the phenomenon by Whitely St...
Review—'Doctor Who: The War To End All Wars'
a year ago
Across seven years from 2007 to 2014, UK based company Big Finish Productions produced a most remarkable series of Doctor Who audio dramas. Created to utilize characters and elements from the first fo...
'Doctor Who': 12 For Twelve
a year ago
Peter Capaldi's time on the BBC's Doctor Who has ended. This past Christmas he regenerated into Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor who will be making her debut this October per announcements made at ...
Review - 'The Martian Invasion Of Earth'
a year ago
For over a year now, UK based audio drama company Big Finish has been producing a series of audio dramas based on the works of H.G. Wells. Along the way, they've given us a Stirling final performance ...
Review: 'Silver Screen Saucers'
a year ago
2017 marked seventy years of the modern UFO phenomenon began with the sighting of pilot Kenneth Arnold and the still controversial events at Roswell, New Mexico. For much of time (indeed beginning wit...
Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 3 Review
a year ago
After four stories across two sets, Big Finish's The Third Doctor Adventures audios can be said to have firmly arrived. Tim Trealor has settled in as the new voice of the Third Doctor on audio and the...