Michael Hawkins

I have enjoyed writing since childhood and thought of becoming a writer. I am actively creative, bubbly, energetic, and I am adventurous. When I'm not writing, I'm either outside, acting at a local community theater, or donating plasma.

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Kuri: the Origin #KuriStory #HeyKuri
20 days ago
Emily was a proud eight-year-old granddaughter of the well-known robotic scientist, Professor Janeway Connelly. She would always go to the robotics lab department where Janeway worked and either obser...
Lone Wolf: Predator in the Snow
2 months ago
For the past three hours, it's been snowing, covering the ground in a thick blanket. Lone Wolf remained in prone as he awaited for excavation. Though he was covered in ice, he was quite warm, using a ...
Lone Wolf: The Hunt
2 months ago
A convoy of troop transports arrived at the edge of the forest just a few miles outside Atlas City. Dozens of armed troops poured out from the back with officers barking orders. Those already out bega...
Lone Wolf: War Dog
3 months ago
Lone Wolf scanned the open field through his scope, keeping a close eye for enemy activity, before he heard sounds of a roaring engine. He carefully looked up only to see a dark hovercraft fly over hi...
Lone Wolf
7 months ago
A deer walked into the woods as the sun slowly began to set. It scanned its surrounding as it stopped among a patch of meadow, twitching its ears as it sniffed the air for signs of danger. When all it...