Natasha Sydor

Formally Branded Content @ Vocal. Currently Business Development @ SoulCycle. Sometimes I'm in the country. Also I have a cute dog 🐶

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Interview with Orson Scott Card, Co-Creator of Extinct
2 years ago
Orson Scott Card was the first ever author to win back-to-back Hugo and Nebula Awards with Ender's Game and Speaker of the Dead. With an impressive collection of books, plays, and short stories in his...
Interview with Aaron Johnston, Co-Creator of Extinct
2 years ago
Four hundred years after the extinction of the human race, a small group of humans is revived on the earth by an alien civilization. The aliens claim they want to restore the humanity, but the "reborn...
New 'Star Wars' Trailer 'The Last Jedi' Is Released
2 years ago
Star Wars fans have been anticipating the release of the new The Last Jedi trailer since the rolling credits of The Force Awakens appeared on the big screen. Unfortunately, Disney took their time and ...
Q&A With Brett Ryan Bonowicz, Director of 'The Perfect 46'
2 years ago
In The Perfect 46, genetic engineers match couples by their genome to create perfect babies. Whit Hertford plays the CEO of The Perfect 46, Jesse Darden, who wants people to choose their partners logi...
Interview with 'Floaters' Creator Jeremy Solterbeck
2 years ago
Space: the Final Frontier. Or... is it? While space travel has consistently been depicted in science fiction and popular culture as an exclusivity attainable by elite scientists, engineers, and air fo...
Interview with Rafal Olbinski, Science Fiction Artist and Poetic Surrealist
3 years ago
"Olbinski’s lush images are layered with complex psychology. He does not paint the landscape of scientific reality, but rather maps the interiors of the mind..." "His poetic resonance depicts the mind...