Neal Ulen

Neal is a writer and recovering engineer who likes pizza, the insidious power of sarcasm (and pizza), and debating science fiction (and pizza).  You can find him at

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An Interview with Best-Selling Science Fiction Author Alastair Reynolds
a year ago
A long time resident of Wales, Alastair Reynolds is a best selling science fiction author, specializing in a form of space opera that is peppered with dark noir and gothic influences that still posses...
Alien: Covenant - An Analysis
a year ago
Warning: This article/review contains spoilers.
How 'Star Wars' Changed the Paradigm
a year ago
Hot on the heels of Star Wars' 40th anniversary, it's an opportune time to look back on the ripple effect . . . nay, scratch that . . . the tsunami effect it had on cinema history, and how it propelle...