Nickolas Rudolph

Speculative Fiction and Commentary. Family, learning, investigating, music, and edgework are his passions.

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Harlan Affects
2 years ago
There are not too many other locations in my life that induce a wave of comfort, wonderment, joy, and being, as when I am within the stacks of a bookstore, library, or comic book shop. It’s as if I am...
2 years ago
Mary sat at the table in the quiet room. The room was a medium sized square with sound absorbing material lining the ceiling and the walls. So quiet, so calm she thought she could feel the hum from th...
Anticipation Killed the Cat
2 years ago
If you are like me, you have a stream of information coming at you from all your social media accounts, mostly about things you have liked and are interested in. Like sucking down a mint chocolate chi...
The Open Road Calls to Us
2 years ago
The news of the discovery of a solar system with possibly several exoplanets within the habitable-zone was just announced. For many of us in the scientific community that study biology, chemistry, ast...
Military in Science Fiction
2 years ago
Revisit the Posleen Wars.
2 years ago
Rediscovering the Science Fiction Heritage