Pouria Nazemi

Freelance science journalist based in Montreal, Canada

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'LDR:' Brave, Bold and Not Afraid of Technology
5 months ago
Love, Death and Robots (LDR) is now streaming on Netflix. LDR is a series of 18 episodes of short animations. Each episode is different in the graphics and animation style. Some episodes are using cla...
The Far Side of the Moon
7 months ago
For people who are interested in space exploration, 2019 is already becoming a historic year. Just a few hours after the new year, the New Horizons probe did a fly by near a far far object named, Ulti...
'Artemis': A Book Review
2 years ago
Andy Weir’s Artemis is an adventure story that happens on the moon. While the science foundation and accuracy of this book are as strong as his last blockbuster novel, The Martian, the characters are ...
Winter Is Here, but Why?
2 years ago
Winter is coming! For last six years, we celebrated summer (in the northern hemisphere at least) with the promise of inevitable winter and this year finally winter is here. The Game of Thrones TV show...