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I am a Freelance Writer living in Riverside California who writes on a wide variety of topics including News, Politics, Popular Culture, Science, Music, Poetry and Art.

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Enhanced UFO Video Over Poland Only Deepens the Mystery
4 days ago
A skywatcher in Poland, who regularly trains his video camera on the Moon, has caught a mysterious unidentified flying object as it zooms overhead. The UFO video, captured on August 8 and posted to YouTube, starts out as a telescopic shot of the daytime moon when, suddenly, an unusual object zips diagonally through the frame at high speed. The second part of the video uses various enhancement tools in an attempt to more closely examine the strange object, but only ends up adding to the mystery.
CGI Geeks Debate Whether Slovaki UFO Video Is Real or Fake
3 months ago
With the recent, incredible advances made in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) average consumers now have at their disposal, powerful, low-cost video tools which were once the exclusive province of big...
Triangle UFO Filmed Flying Across the Moon?
5 months ago
A UFO sighting on the Moon is making the rounds in Europe with photos taken by an amateur astronomer showing what looks like a black triangle spacecraft hovering above the surface of the Moon. The pho...
Alec Baldwin: Time Traveling President?
6 months ago
Alec Baldwin is a renowned actor who has successfully played a wide range of dramatic and comedic roles in his decades long career. But, perhaps, he's lately most loved (and hated) for his over the to...
UFO 'Baptizes' Jesus Christ in 18th Century Painting
8 months ago
An 18th century oil painting by Dutch Master Aert de Gelder appears to depict the baptism of Jesus Christ being aided by bright streams of light emanating from a UFO hovering in the sky above the scen...
UFO Watch: Did NASA Snap an Alien Spaceship on Mars?
10 months ago
What looks like the classic image of an alien UFO was snapped by NASA cameras as the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) passed over the Red Planet two years ago. The mysterious object bears an uncanny ...