Richard Haynes

Richard is a writer and public speaker who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a life-long geek, an aspiring historian, and believes the awe-inspiring grandeur of the universe requires no supernatural explanations to be magical.

Coolest Sci-Fi Armor
3 years ago
In the 1932 novel, A Conquest of Two Worlds, Edmond Hamilton faced the dilemma of humans surviving the crushing gravity of Jupiter. His solution was to don his adventures with an inflexible metallic c...
Top Artificial Intelligence Movies
3 years ago
Since the Maschinenmensch (German for machine-human) first appeared in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in 1927, sci-fi fans have been obsessed with sentient robots, androids, and cyborgs. Named by computer sc...
Most Famous Astronauts
3 years ago
More than 500 brave men and women have left Earth’s orbit in the name of science and space exploration, and they all merit adulation. Nevertheless, throughout humanity’s ventures into the Heavens, the...