Richard Van Steenberg

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Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Trying to raise the societal awareness level that Hetlau have been present the whole time man has been on Earth in my Two Way Mirror Theory.

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F-18 Pilot Tells Government 'Beware of Aliens, UFO's Are Real!'
2 years ago
The plot thickens and continues to support Subliminal Dissemination and the possibility of HETLAU. Today, a new article was released by Fox News further updating previous articles from the Pentagon an...
Celestial Astronomy Accretion Disk and Circumstellar Disks
2 years ago
The development of a new Star is an opportunity to begin the process of trying to understand how planets and moons might form and evolve. The accretion disk or circumstellar disk are locations legacy ...
UFO Sightings for 2017
2 years ago
Another year of the same repeating pattern. Earthlings keep submitting UFO sighting reports and relative to big picture, nothing changes. Since Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward ruppelT put the mode...
Celestial Astronomy
2 years ago
Celestial Astronomy is a new branch of Astronomy which aims to solve the puzzle as to how the Planets and Moons originate in a Solar System. Most people think this has already been solved by legacy As...
UFO: Understanding Flying Objects
2 years ago
The reason Earthlings can't find a solution to the UFO phenomenon is that they think UFOs fly. Immediately you will have people respond that there are objects flying in the sky that are unidentified s...
Edward Ruppelt and the Term UFO
2 years ago
Shortly after Kenneth Arnold had what became the first nationally recognized UFO sighting, and the Roswell UFO Incident occurred, UFOs were starting to become an area of increasing interest. The Air F...