Riley Raul Reese

Riley Reese is comic book fanatic who loves anything that has to do with science-fiction, anime, action movies, and Monster Energy drink.

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Best Christmas Gifts for Conspiracy Theorists
8 months ago
Reptilians are taking over the planet. Alien-human hybrids are being made in underground labs. The Illuminati is out to get us. Do these sentences remind you of a certain someone you know? If so, you'...
Worst Sci-Fi Film Adaptations Ever
a year ago
It takes a lot of work to make a great sci-fi film, but if you're basing it off a book, then you'd think that much of the work in terms of plot adaptation would be fairly quick to do. Unfortunately, i...
Most Influential Astronomers of All Time
2 years ago
Astronomers, like all scientists, are on an endless quest for the truth. Their discoveries have helped propel human history and give us a shot at becoming a better society. Without the work of astrono...
Best Space Opera Movies of All Time
2 years ago
Space opera movies are the lifestream of mainstream sci-fi. For those who have never heard the term before, outer space operas are shows and films that deal with people who are traveling through space...
Alien Conspiracy Science Fiction Books That Are Out of This World
2 years ago
One of the most common genres of science fiction deals with alien conspiracies — most often, conspiracies that are kept secret by the US government. In this genre, it's never quite certain who's telli...
Futuristic Gifts You Can Buy Right Now
2 years ago
Growing up, most of us have had a major love for science fiction. There's something always so cool about the idea of checking out what the future will be like. We love the idea of being real-life hero...