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Freelance science writer/journalist. Space. Physics. Astronomy. Quantum physics. Member of the ABSW. Follow me at

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Dark Matter: How We Know It's There
21 days ago
Despite all of our advancements in science, physics, and astronomy, we still don’t know what approximately 80%-90% of the matter in the Universe is. But this isn’t a completely hopeless situation; the...
A Certain Uncertainty: The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Explained
25 days ago
'Uncertainty'—it's not a word that we generally associate with science. Science conjures images of certainty, solid results, and constant improvement by increment. There's a certain irony then, that w...
The Physics of Solar Sails. How Photons Have Momentum Without Mass.
a month ago
The Planetary Society’s LightSail 2 project launches from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, as part of the US Air Force’s STP-2 mission. It will be carried by a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, enclosed wit...
Zipping Through Special Relativity: Reference Frames and Transformations
a month ago
Even from a modern perspective, it isn't difficult to understand why Einstein's theory of Special Relativity caused such a paradigm shift in physics and science in general. Until its introduction in t...