Samantha Pardo

Hey, Y'all! I've been writing since I was 13, I truly believe this is my calling. I haven't written much in the past year but I wanted to start up again so if you like what you see please contribute to my writing. Much love <3

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Boy on Fire
a year ago
She sits meditating in center of the garden, hummingbirds flit across the flowers and the warm earthy smell envelopes her. She stands, eyes shut, and pauses, listening closely to the natural surroundi...
Boy on Fire (Chapter 3)
a year ago
Ikarus stands outside her door for what seems like an eternity, he had dreamed of staying with her, holding her close as she slept and only releasing her when she asked. He strides down the hall, his ...
Boy on Fire (Chapter 2)
a year ago
Maia steps into the chambers and tosses her bag to the four-poster bed, the curtains are drawn back and billow ominously in the wind. She slowly walks to the window and looks up at the luminous moon, ...
Boy on Fire (Chapter 1)
a year ago
The boy sat silently in the center of the room, candles flickering around him casting shadows on his already somber form. You can make out faint red marks upon his bare skin and charcoal curls taper t...